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  1. Hi^^ I hate to say this, but the short answer is no, it's not noob friendly and it's not casual friendly. And yes, it is slightly heavy on the P2Progress. Personally I would stick to FFXIV, but that's just my opinion :)
  2. Good luck, Jonathan. Thank you for being there for BnS.
  3. If this game had as much to do and such a nice pace as FFXIV, where you can hang out with ppl, chill, relax and do a million quests, and where you just need one character to play all of the classes, and and and... Then I would spend time in BNS.
  4. This is what Liinxy said in this thread "Midnight Skypetal Plains is permanently being revamped and the soul shields are a permanent feature. You'll earn the currency to purchase soul shields by defeating Sacred Longgui -- with the later stages of the boss providing the higher tier currency for the higher tier rewards. The Midnight Skypetal Plains event is for additional rewards to entice players to engage in this updated content." So, double rewards during the event, and normal rewards after it ends.
  5. You can get one costume for free per account:
  6. I dont pvp either, and wiping out three classes (BM, KFM and WL) with warden was the worst decision ever. Did they think they would all reroll to warden? They should think twice. The old classes, slower or faster, just leave the game. It's not fun playing when you feel useless and on top of that none of the limitations of your class haven't been removed to compensate in any mesure (WL's case). Shrugs.
  7. It still drops. In Avalanche Den. And it's a matter of patience, or you might get lucky and get it fast. But it does drop ?
  8. I am still hoping to get one with any of my characters, but I so agree with this!
  9. In the stream they said they would post them today, so I assume they will do so later, with the maintenance notice.
  10. ^ This! In any case, if they opened all races to all classes they would make a lot of money from race change vouchers, that's for sure.
  11. NS= Naryu Sanctum EL= Ebondrake Lair IF= Irontech Forge HH= Hollow's Heart SSM= Starstone Mines ST= Sandstorm Temple DD= Drowning Deeps RT= Ransacked Treasury TSM= The Shadowmoor 1.1, or 1.2, or 1k, or any other number of the kind: the ap the leader is asking for to join his group 3/6: They already are 3 people in the group, they need just 3 more to enter the 6man dungeon. r9, or r6, or a3, and so on: the leader is asking for raven 9, or raven 6, or aransu 3 as minimum level weapon to join. VT geared: the leader is asking for p
  12. Indeed, end game is not that interesting (I am talking from a pver point of view). Once a week, you pug BT and the short raids. If you have alts, rinse and repeat. Once a week, you do your VT and TT if you have a static group. If your alts are geared enough and have static groups, rinse and repeat. Every day you can do your 6 dungeons or so (the rest is made worthless, rewards-wise). If you have a group of friends around your level that play at the same time, or if you are made of rubber and don't mind a daily dose of drama, you can do them hard mode. If you are carefree, you do them normal mo
  13. @Kozuki spotted this. Please guys, pay attention before buying event materials from the market. "Do not buy crafted event items from F5 now. They are leftover from last year, and are unusable for this year. I'm puzzled on how NCWest can let such a thing past their radar. The new and old items even have the same name, so gullible players may buy wrong ones. It is better to wait until near the end of the events where materials has become much cheaper to buy."
  14. He means the faction chat (cerulean faction). You will understand when you play, dont worry about it ^^
  15. Play in EU, Jinsoyun server. Main language is English.
  16. Dear NCWest/NCsoft: We want the full game version, not the "Marketing Director's Cut. Please restore blue quests and let us enjoy the game.
  17. Beating Jurupo (Hollow's Heart final boss) in a hard mode party in under 4 minutes
  18. LOL. So they are doing exactly like the players that run like madmen to hit immediately the dungeon boss, burn half of the party with the ensuing wall of fire, leave them all dead there, run to the next boss. Rinse and repeat. Pathetic.
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