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  1. So, adding something to trove that does not grant its corresponding image in order to trap people looks like a correct decision to you? Are you fine?
  2. Reread this message please: Assuming that I was looking only for mmo games shows me a good sign to believe at what rate the borderline of your IQ level is xD I can tell you my friends are having hard time to drag me into another game hence I will stick with bns for a while.
  3. Unlike you I have indeed seen many known players including some whales (6 whales) quitting within this month already. And if you are familiar with people you would know that many whales have atleast considered to move on soon which is a bad sign but since I am an active big whale myself I have to disagree with the abovementioned reason too. The revert also compensated it hence the reason of whales quitting because of revert is nonsense. And whether it is 70% or less does not matter in this terrible state of the game. But let's be fair this mistake shouldn't have happened in first place. I have
  4. As the title already says, I can't submit a ticket from website. It leads me to my account. Is it only me?
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