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  1. Nope, same one. When I change it in game, that's the file that gets modified. I'm not too worried about it anymore. They said it's a known issue they are working on so I'll check it out at that time when it's patched. Thanks though!
  2. I was expecting this one to work because I was thinking to do something like this. I just didn't know where the configuration file was, but it doesn't seem to increase it past 100 even if I set it to 150 or 200. Visually, it looks the same. Strange. I wonder if another setting is preventing it from taking. I have UI Scale Fixed off. I did notice that setting the resolution in fullscreen or windowed fullscreen doesn't actually seem to change the resolution of the game at all either. That part seems like a bug.
  3. Bug Summary: Lighting error Reproduction steps: Go near the abandoned well in Everdusk Attachment: Additional information: Video settings maxed at 1080p. Motion Blur off.
  4. KSib

    UE4 FPS

    This game's optimization isn't top notch, but I do agree that the loading times are a lot better and it does look nice! The framerate, however, is lacking.
  5. KSib

    UE4 FPS

    It is the download for the BnS site, but please make your own thread for this.
  6. KSib

    UE4 FPS

    What's interesting is both my CPU and GPU only hit around 50% in the area where I was standing for my original post. I'm just guessing the game isn't optimized enough to take advantage of the hardware it has available.
  7. KSib

    UE4 FPS

    Ok so it's not just me then, they still have some optimization left to do. Thanks everyone.
  8. What kind of FPS is everyone getting out in the field, assuming you are away from most other players, but still around some enemies? I'm seeing < 60 FPS even on a 3070ti and 6700k in a fair number of places. Just trying to see if it's just me or if there's still some optimization they need to do. Thanks!
  9. I don't think you read the original post.
  10. Is there a way to make the text size larger on all of the UI elements? It's like 2-3 px too small for everything even with the UI Scale set to 100.
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