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  1. 7 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

    Take away the current enrage and then there is literally no reason for people to upgrade gear for pve. and if someone is not geared for a certain dungeon then he should not be there in the first place.


    buttt….lets have it this way they should change the enrage so its no longer a wipe, instead they should change dungeon requirements.

    remove the hm level and weapon requirement for f8 and introduce gear score based on your equipment upgrade.

    People still upgrade gear to increase their farming efficiency.


    Sure, you can kill Ma'o  with newbie gear without enrage timer, but are you willing to spend one hour per run to get a single alpha token fragment as end reward? Or will you upgrade first so that it becomes 10 minutes/run?


    The only thing enrage timer severs in this game is to DPS-check players, thus forcing players to gear up. If they want to gear up fast, they have to swipe, or grind a lot on multi alts, exhaust themselves, then give up and swipe.


    NCSoft is also very uncanny with enrage timers. Many times, in order to force players to gear up, they reduce enrage timers if they find out that players can dps leisurely at low gear. If you pay attention, you will notice that many end-dungeon bosses have much less enrage timer compared to mid-dungeon bosses. Numok is a good example. Of course, it is not matter now since awk.skill patch gives players a lot of DPS. But pre.awk, if you were in a party with low DPS (typical R6 party) and failed to do mech to prevent him healing, Numok was unkillable. Ironically, if he was in his former enrage timer (about 7-10 minutes), he would be killable even failing all mech.

  2. 1 hour ago, Arkdain said:

    The enrage timer here  is only to force people who want to rush into spending real money.

    Some examples of better enrage timers in other games


    1- boss goes berserk geting a power up until its killed but dont wipe

    2- boss gain a shield for a certain period negating all damage and perform some strong attacks, once shield broke the enrage time start again

    3- boss recover certain amount of hp and timer start again making the figth longer


    whit all these above you  still need help of other players yet you dont die and lose all the progress making you waste time over and over again but i say it again BnS enrage timer is a way of milking money nothing else.

    *NCSoft duly noted and decided to add all of these suggestions in future. Together with their normal enrage timer, of course*

  3. 4 hours ago, Snowyamur said:

    Hmm, I didn't know that. Wish I did before I made my pet item Legendary.


    Isn't the health and defense boost nice to have, though? They're quite high, and for PvE it's very useful.

    They are nice to have, yeah, but not necessarily must-have:


    1) In this game, healing is something self-sustain from drain gems. Unlike PvP where it is harder to come by due to random player skills, Bosses are static target with fixed rotation


    2) Even if you have max pet, if you are careless, you still die or lose a  lot of DPS. High HP and Def are cool, but Pet won't help you face tank every single attack. Some attacks even deal fixed damage that ignore def. Meanwhile, a no pet person can survive just fine if they are careful to not get hit.


    3) Many of pet stats are pvp orients. The only thing relevant to PvE is boss AP and healing. The latter can help a bit in case of DoT, but not permanent due to long cooldown.


    4) You can have extra HP from unity system, which boosts your HP by a nice amount. Also talisman, though I don't advise upgrade it past the stage where it starts to ask for pet pack. And you can always have exyra HP from 20 HM points to defense, if you are desperate.


    With that said, don't upgrade pet past awk.loyal, or ultimate stage, if you only pve.


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  4. 2 hours ago, Nanology said:

    I think its a good idea to do this quest on your own on a daily basis, but I see no need for this to be part of the daily challenge. F8 has been really slow since the gold nerf, as there is little incentive to run basic dungeons outside of daily challenge. Players should be encouraged to run more dungeons instead of content that can be done solo.

    Not everyone like solo contents. I myself refrain doing any solo dungeons, despite that they give hearty unnerfed gold rewards compared to running a group dungeon with nerfed gold. Cuz if I want to play things solo, I will just play offline game instead. So unless I'm utterly lazy, I will camp in F8 for group activities, cuz it is more fun that way. Also, F8 will never run out of people running dungeons unless this server really dies and have less than 10,000 rooms per week.


    However, someone prefers to solo in their own pace instead, so it is nicer for them to give them alternative way to play following the playstyle they want, while still complete the quota and not facing challenging solo bosses. Also, about daily in Moon Refuse, it is actually have some grouping for faster killing quest mobs, as you will occasionally see Spider group on faction chat, which recruits people for this.


    It is like pvpers have their own set of pvp quests that count toward daily challenges.

  5. 57 minutes ago, CastielSeven said:

    I was actually saddened there wasnt another event like that this year. I actually enjoyed it.  Spent alot of moments pvping.


    And get a useless skin item that you cannot even apply it on your Heart. Glad that I skipped and sell all wheel items, which gave me some hearty gold :3

  6. 11 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    In all honesty it should not be a daily challenge. simply because if someone does not ant to do it just from their own initiative, forcing them to do it by making it a daily challenge is dumb.  

    It is always better to have more than less options to do something. If anything, it would benefit new players.


    It is like Koldrak's quest being part of daily challenges one year ago. If you can do Koldrak, you save yourself like a few minutes of running another dungeon to fulfill the quota. If not, you still have other dungeons to run with. You lose nothing here. It is just a matter of conveniences that differ between people.


    I don't even mind if they add the daily quests in Windrest  to Daily Challenge. Honestly, areas like Windrest should be a bit more common due to how relaxing it is.

  7. On 4/15/2019 at 1:36 AM, Kitsune Takahashi said:

    Or those same people can do MSP Stage 6 and get 1-5 Grand Celestial Soul Shield. The only thing that you can't really get from this event by being unable to do Stage 4 or the harder dungeon is Octagonal Gems and the cosmetic wings. Could the event been handled better? Sure I'll agree with you all on that however, refer to above.

    Yeah, people can do MSP for TT 1-5. So what? That option is always available, while event is temporary. If the event works properly, it would have become another alternative for people to get 3 TT SS outside of usual ways. Or, they can combine both: instead of hardcore MSP 6 for every single piece, they can divide it, so they will get 1-3 from event, and 4-5 from MSP 6.

  8. For someone with 1.2m DPS, I cannot complete Longgui Stage 4 for emblem. So my only other source is tryhard with Burning Mausoleum, which daily gives me 6 tokens.


    This dungeon is another gear-check that requires 1m DPS for each party member. At least it is a bit more accessible, as you can get buff classes along the away.


    However, it has been a week and I only have two dailies done. Seeing a recruitment is extremely rare, lest about successful runs. Either I don't see any recruitment, cannot gather geared players cuz they finish it/give up for my party, or someone are confident about that their fleeting weapon will somehow help to reach DPS requirement, ignoring their draken accessories.


    I dunno what to do now. It is kinda depressing being excluded from the event, even partly. This game's constant event running is what keeps me busy with my alts (mind you, they are geared enough to carry their own weight. I scrapped the weak alts cuz they are no fun to play with), as this game has nothing else to be busy with for a pure PvE player. With no event activities, all I have now are camping F8, hoping some interesting runs will happen.


    Positively, I will take this as a break and shift my mind to non-BnS games. Negatively, I'm kinda worried about this game's direction if this gear-check/end-game event becomes a trend.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    idk its like ivy poison is not registering as used properly for some reason.  a few of my clan mates feel the same thing. I cant really...describe it good. its like...it puts ivy poison, you can see the icon, but its like not working like it should.

    Does it happen on certain bosses? Cuz for Earth Summoner's combo, I cannot proc nettle without ivy poison. So far, I don't see any problem with it.

  10. 8 hours ago, Grimoir said:



    Did you notice something odd about ivy poison after wednesday's patch? Especially on the Longgui in the event dungeon and in general when fighting? I am not sure but seems to be something is not working right with it but i just cant pin point it.

    Specific your problem, cuz so far, Ivy Poison seems to work fine for me.

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  11. 1 hour ago, CharlieIsBoss said:

    This is how you survive for the long haul once you realize what is really going on. YOU CANNOT HAVE THE NEWEST SHINY THING WITHOUT PAYING A TON OF MONEY. as soon as you lose the NEED for that newest shiny thing NAO!! you basically have beat the game. If you don't like what the game is doing  NEWS FLASH! you are in charge, take a break....

    A lot of players have taken your advice wholeheartedly and taken a break from this game whenever they face trouble, so we are gonna have the last final merge incoming.

    The one that should take a break is not players, but NCWest. Too many times they committed blunders, and every single time, some players left them cuz they did not want to fully mitigate their mistakes. If they believe that they can ditch remaining F2P and dolphins to cater whales only, hoping this game will survive with just whales playing with each other, then by all means, go ahead.

  12. 3 hours ago, NorbertTheOpinionated said:

    I know Jonathan and Bethany are gone. Don't know how many other people are gone too. I know we have new management. Hope you guys have a plan. So NCsoft, what are you going to change? What are you going to do differently, or are you just going to continue doing what you have been doing?

    I have serious doubt with the new management. Aside from new stream members and more detailed patch notes, updates started with new management team has been a disaster:


    -Awk.skill update: White Orb scandal. First, they miscommuniated with KR developers and giving players wrong information about White Orbs and Demon Spirit Stone exchange, resulting in uproar. Second, while they try to mitigated the crisis with free orbs on F10, I think it is better if they just accept White Orb = Ascending Orb exchange instead. Yeah, it may put the market out of their control and mess up some of their planning in future, but if a company makes a mistake, they must try to protect their customers' benefits instead of their own benefits. Take a look at Johnson & Johnson. Some of their Tylenol pills got poisoned by outsider, which was not even their fault, but they recalled every single bottle of Tylenol to protect customers. Thanks to their efforts, the brand did not die, but instead made a nice comeback.


    -Legend Reborn update: they underestimated the gear difference between NA and KR players, and overestimated their own implement to counter that. They copy-pasted the content from KR to NA without even bother trying to adjust it, and found it easier to just add some fleeting weapons, which was a copy from a TW-exclusive P2W weapon, hoping it will fix the gap. It did not, and their bad decision gates a majority of players out of the event. A event dungeon that requires double DPS to clear TT Boss 4, and a solo one that requires even more DPS. Catering very few percent of players who can clear it and frustrated the rest is a bad move when your playerbase have diminished enough to issue the last server merge.


    I hope to see the new management team or whatever they call it to spend some more efforts to keep their remaining players happy, so that more people will become and keep the game running. I still want to see UE4 and Summoner's 3rd spec, and hope this game won't die before that.

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  13. They might have pay some attention on the gear difference (they have more stage of soul, heart...), and tried to remedy it with one-hour/one-day fleeting weapon. This weapon did not exist in KR event, and is taken after TW's P2W weapon (they have a cash-invested path outside of our normal raid/non-raid path).


    The thing is this weapon alone is not enough. It may help some people at A9 and below to have enough DPS to clear Stage 4 provided they have the right gear and ping, but its improvement for the event is questionable to a majority. Also, this is not a GC weapon, as its buff work completely differently.


    It would be much better if they just adjust the boss HP according to NA players' gear instead. I remember the old day when lv50 was first launched. Yeti had 7m HP to accommodate with NA players having better gear than KR player when the same content was launched in their server. This example proves that NCWest can adjust to fit their own playerbase instead of just simple copy-paste, but they are not willing to do for no reason.


    Honestly, I would much prefer they gate the content behind Ma'o instead. First, her DPS-check can be accustomed much easily to current players' gear, with about 300k DPS (excluding mech time). Second, fighting her is a skill-check, as she requires some efforts to learn her rotation. The feeling when you down him is much more satisfied. Take a look at Sacred Loggui Stage 4. What does he have? A lot of HP and strict timer, and every of his attack can be side-stepped. And Surprise! Some people defending this DPS-check boss may feel so proud killing such a simple boss that require no skill, cuz NCWest helps them to gate a majority of players behind something that only top-geared can achieve.

  14. 11 minutes ago, BeaterKirito said:


    Wait guys... you know that you can craft an event Weapon which is equal to ET3 Weapon right?? ... 

    If i can easily afk that stage 4 with GC9, you can also with ET3. Holy crap. 
    And if you simply cant, then this stage, is NOT meant for your current gear as stage 1-3 are not meant for my gear. 

    You also do NOT run TT with 500k dps and cry here "oh no that raid is wayyyy too hard! :(( its totally pay2win because you need gear to clear all the bosses!" 
    But because it is an event, where players who actually invested their money and their (most importantly) time, get rewarded, you now cry here it is totally pay2win and BnS is doomed. 

    Do you do the same in the real world? 
    "Oh no. that guy can afford a porsche in that 20%off for a limited time "event" from that manufacturer!! Its totally unfair! i should be able to afford that also!" ????


    People who invest time and money get rewarded, where people who didnt invest (as much) are not. So what? 

    Can people plz stop spreading the bullsh*t information that the fleeting weapon is equal to GC9? And for the first time, I see it is compared to ET3, lol.


    That fleeting weapon works completely different compared to GC weapon. To make it simple, it is a glorified Galaxy weapon with some skills mod from Aransu 9 where it only has 5 stack that leads to a 30s buff that will reset your skills when the buff ends. Btw, the fleeting weapon doesn't have the 100% critical rating too during its buff too, though it has some passive critical rating like an aransu.


    It is good? Really depend on your current gear and class. For most players with mid-aransu and below, it is certainly gives some DPS increase, but not by 500k cuz your total DPS depends on other gear too. For people who are GC+ already, it barely gives any DPS increase, and they don't really need it anyway. In term of class compatibility, fleeting weapon is worse on classes with fast hit and benefits from reset for certain skills, cuz the 30s buff before reset is too long.


    So yeah, if you wonder what DPS that GC9 (or ET3 like you have claimed) will give you, by no mean do not look at what the fleeting weapon offers, cuz they are two completely different weapons.


    A fun note: KR players do not know what the heck is this fleeting weapon. The event launched in their side are the same as NA, just that their gear are noticeable stronger (better heart, soul stage...). Once again, NCWest tries to lazily accommodate an event designed to KR with band-aid like this fleeting weapon, instead of trying to really modify boss stats to suit current average DPS of the players. It doesn't work well, obviously.




    This game's constant event runs have been available to everyone for a long time. Trying to divide players into "capable" and "incapable" is the dumbest idea that NCWest can think of, especially when there are not much players left. To make it worse, they keep frustrating players with irresponsibility, like the stupid scandal with White Orb. Check the upcoming final server merge to see what state of this game is in. Like a cancer patient on his life support. Not quite dead, but not quite alive, either.

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  15. I think the problem is not reward.


    I think the problem is that some people feel being left out cuz they don't have enough gear. And the ones who feel left out make up a majority of this game's playerbase.


    If you want a gear-gating event, just gate it behind raids/hard modes.


    This event is depressing for players who are in  middle: they are not badly-geared, but also not geared enough. Reward-wise, this group of players benefit the most from emblem rewards. They are not lazy players, and some of them invest real money in the game, just not as much as a whale. They are left out, completely. Meanwhile, players who deal enough DPS and consider farming Longgui 4 mostly just want their shiny gem sets to be upgraded from gilded tri to gilded square.


    For me, who is fine at clearing TT raids with my clan, but do not have the last 100k DPS to finish Sacred  Longgui Stage 4. Yeah, I deal 1.1m DPS, and 1.2m with event weapon, but it is just simply not enough. The only thing I can think to give me a major DPS boost is upgrading soul to max, which I don't have the resource to do so.


    Honestly, I rather they gate the event behind Ma'o. At least, she will require you to have some skills, and your DPS only need like 250k to clear her. Instead of a basic F12 Longgui whose rotation is so slow, has bloated HP and strict enrage timer.


    Or make a time-based rewarding scheme. Instead of enrage timers where you hit or miss, boss will give you better rewards if you achieve better clear time.

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  16. 2 hours ago, MCWang said:

    I'm actually having the same experience with this.  I do the same damage with the event weapon as my A3.  And as far as the rest of the gear, yeah, it's not great, but I would assume a jump to GC9 should have SOME difference.  Can't help but get the feeling something is bugged.

    The event weapon is not equivalent to GC9, though you may experience DPS increase.


    It stacks very fast, but also has a 30s buff before a reset kicks in. For classes that benefit a lot from resets (Gunner's V, for example), that 30s buff may be a mixed blessing.


    This event weapon is similar to Galaxy weapon, which also comes with 30s buff. Just less stack and faster stacking.

  17. 18 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    You cans ee it this way: 100 paying customers aka "whales" or 2000 f2p players. What do you think keeps the game going? :)




    Whales keep server running and do feat for bragging right.  F2P keeps server interesting for whales to play and are potential whales themselves.


    I never understand people who try to classify whales and F2P and diss the latter, while they are equally important to both players' experience and company's profits.

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  18. 1 hour ago, Arohk said:

    The other Dunegon is also bullshit, can't see Boss attacks and every hit kills you.

    Fun thing is that even Normal Mode one-hit kills you, though he is kinda slow, have telegraphed attack and you get 15 dragonblood to take on 15 hits. But then you have to wait people to take 90 dragonbloods first :P

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