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  1. 1 hour ago, Nyvva said:

    I guess this is the real purpose of double-currency events.

    For this event, I think they try to goad players into two groups:

    -New/alt players who can get easy rewards.

    -Geared players who can take on challenges.


    The thing is that Group 2 barely wants any rewards from challenging contents, cuz they have geared past that. Meanwhile, Group 1 who would benefit more from Group 2's rewards are not geared enough to earn the right. That is why Group 1 feels left out and complain.


    Anyway, just keep trying to leave new/alt players out of the loop and make them ragequit, since NCWest always have spare servers in case they need more merging :P

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  2. When I buy unity chests/keys in Cold Storage party that have orb for Boss 2, I often have to rush myself because the party will not wait for me to play RNG with unity stones to start boss 2.


    If I follow them to do Boss 2, then I will get locked out of Wintermane's room due to having completed it, unless someone afks and stays behind so that the door keeps getting open.


    If I stay for a bit to buy keys/chests, chance I will miss boss 2, because some party has very strong DPS and will clear boss 2 before I can even step into the room if I stay behind. Also, it is rude to make people wait.


    I can also run an orb-less party so that I can stay in boss 1's room to my heart's contents, but then it means I waste my chance to get boss 2.


    I can solo the run on my main, yeah, but my alts are not as strong.


    So yeah, just like we have the BT quest-giver now being stationed in front of BT for the sake of convenience, I wish to see Cold Storage's NPC being put to in front of the door of boss 1, or outside of dungeons, so that I can just take my time playing with RNG chests.

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  3. Outfits in F10 in BnS works in two-week rotation, or seasonal rotation for specific outfit theme (Valentine, Summer, Christmas...)


    The purpose for two-week rotation is making players feel they should buy it now, or they will never see it again. This is true for some outfits that once get out of rotation, it will a very long time for them to return. Sometimes, when enough time has passed, or NCWest runs out of ideas, some old outfits return with discounted prices.


    So, what is the problem with this system?


    1) Not everyone manages to get their outfits when it is available, either in-game reasons (cannot earn enough gold in time to sell for HM coins...), or real life one (having to be away from the game for a month due to work...). When they miss the rotation, they will have to wait for like a year to see it again.


    2) Outfits tend to be bundled together. Which maybe bad thing for people who only like a certain piece of adornment, instead of a full set. Or, let say you only get 2/3 of outfit pieces from Trove. Now, in order to get a what you miss, you have to buy... another full set, thus you spend money on both trove, and another outfit set, just to get a full set, and an incomplete set. Maybe there will be an event where you can get the missing piece, but it is very rare for NCWest to be willing to offer F10 outfits in event.


    So, what NCWest should do?


    1) Instead of two-week rotation where outfits get take out, let make it two-week rotation where outfits will be bundled and sold at discounted prices. After two weeks have passed, the outfit set, instead of disappearing, will be added permanently to the F10 outfit section (like some very limited selection of permanent outfits we are having like Howl of the Moon...), but at full prices. Thus, players who are slow can still have another chance to get the outfit they like. Just that they will have to buy it at more expensive price if not buying during two week of rotation.


    2) Instead of bundling them together, outfits when passing their two weeks of discounted bundle will now be available in F10, but with pieces being sold separately. For example, let say an outfit with three pieces cost you 1,499 coins in bunlde. Now, if you buy them separately, it will cost 1,699 coins in total. While certainly being more expensive, players can buy the pieces they miss from trove/events, or the only pieces that they really want, instead of wasting money to re-buy the whole set. It is like selling cigarettes: a whole pack is cheaper but not everyone wants to afford a whole thing, so they will buy cigarette separately instead, even though total prices will be more expensive.


    3) What if by keep adding outfits to F10 permanently, NCWest finally runs out of outfits to put in rotation? Simple, just re-launch some old outfit sets at discounted prices, like what they are doing now.

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  4. 1) Why do you change from giving gem tickets where players can trade for whatever gems they want back to limiting what gems players will get? Where is the octagonal aquamarine or diamond and amber?


    2) Why don't just give Octagonal Gem Exchange Ticket? It will save NCSoft a lot of time to just add the ticket, instead of lines of codes for individual gems every time a new event comes. Also, it will make Dragon Express tabs a lot less clustered that way.


    3) I wish there is an event where players can grind for Garnets. RNG drops and time-specific Koldrak runs are horrible as always. Maybe I will get more chance when people are more active with MSP 4-6, but in the end it is just another RNG box, and you do not progress toward making a gem like Koldrak. And Jackpot is Jackpot, an rare occasion and only give you one Garnet, which is not enough for fusing if you ever aims for garnet-obsidian fused.


    4) Why do you even bother make one-day weapon? Why not just make the weapon lasts until the event ends instead, like Fleeting Soul? It will give new players much easier dungeon experience and earn more daily rewards that way, without making them worry about time limit in daily basis. Yeah, I guess it will be cheap to make, and if you play 3 hours/day, the weapon may last a wee, and it will cost you like 28 tokens to last a 4-week events. More or less tokens required depend on how much time you play/day.


    This is assumed that the fleeting weapon's timer will stop ticking down after players log out or unequip the weapon, instead of just disappear after you sleep. I know a similar event where it gives you a bunch of timed soul badges, which expired after 2-3 hours even if you don't touch them.


    5) I kicked my pinky toe while reading the event's page. This event hurts me even before it starts.

  5. There is a difference between "gear enough to clear" and "overgear for fast clear". F8 with their ridiculously high AP requirement is for the latter. Assuming than you need Baleful 12 party to clear Sandstorm Temple. Now you get a dude with Aransu 9 that deals damage worth of a whole Baleful 12 party. It is like you have a whole raid of Baleful 12 in a single 6-man. Is it necessary? Nope? It is overkill? Yup, it is overkill, but overkill means super fast clear.


    You know what to blame? NCSoft and their game design:

    -Very big gear gap between new players and end-game players.

    -Very slow progression to shrink the gear gap.

    -Reduce gold income helps fight inflation, but hurts new players, making their gear progression even slower.

    -By the time NCSoft is willing to give you some gear for free (like Draken), these gear is already like at the bottom of the barrel. It helps you to clear dungeons, yeah, but no one wants you and your basic DPS cuz people want fast clear.

    -Cost reduction may help new players, but it hurts veteran players who upgrade too late. And when the gear are basically very cheap to get, they are at the bottom of the barrel.

    -Mech is designed to be able to skip if you have strong enough dps.

    -Mech offers you no reward if you follow them, a.k.a no bonus objectives for extra bonus. No ranking system to tell you how well you clear your dungeon Thus, this reinforces the just-DPS-through-mech. Everything boils down to how fast you clear a dungeon, which boils down how many strong-geared members you have in your party.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Nomade13 said:

    i was hopping the BNS staff make it like ArenaNet Staff on GW2 release all class specs in one big patch/expansion. Both are ncsoft, but bns ncwest need get advises with arenanet.

    Why? They can basically make players hype for a whole year or more, if they release one class per 1.5-2 months. When a new spec releases, it will attract players to try out/return to the game to check it out, keeping them busy for a while.


    Meanwhile, they will have time developing other contents, as well as something that wallet-draining.

  7. What the OP describes is basically a Monthly Login Stamp system, where it marks and rewards players who dutifully logs in for consecutive number of days.


    In reality, this system is no stranger to BnS. In fact, some other regions have it running for a very long time, even in newer regions like Thailand/Vietnam. In those regions, sometimes they reward outfit as end-month reward.


    For some reasons, NCWest refuses to implement this.

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  8. 15 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    REad the patch notes. Its clearly described in there.

    Everyone knows it is there, but why does it have to be a pain in the ass?


    Is there any reason for players to pvp each other in this area in the first place aside from griefing?


    BnS is never a good open-world pvp game like the old era of Lineage 2. Open world pvp, through faction war and this new Moon Refuse, serves zero purpose. Players even abuse loophole so that they can farm SSP in for maximum profits. For Moon Refuse, it is pretty clear than only whale can get the juicy loot cuz they pk everyone else, though I don't think whale have a reason to be in Moon Refuse, which is designed for new/alt players to catch up. Whales need nothing from Moon Refuse, and the only reason they are there is to grief.


    If you want pvp and shows off your skills/gears, there are already 1v1/3v3/6v6/Battle Royale. Go there and pvp to your heart's contents, climbing in ranks and face off other whales/skilled players and leave those new/alt players alone.


    Design flaw at its finest. Just scrap the whole concept of open-world pvp in this game already.

  9. I thought I can finally get 3 TT-set on my alts by spending like 500 solar energy for lavender (purple) to get the 3rd piece. Take me a while to get those energies through daily challenges, cuz I missed the chance to run MSP 1-6 on alts during MSP event.


    But as I visit MSP, there are no longer any solar-based exchange. There are not even any replacement exchange. Tawny and Lavender Nightstones just get removed from MSP vendor.


    Then I discovered that they are now in Cold Storage vendor, asking for Lesser Demon Spirit Stone. You know that these stones are used to craft Sacred Oils, right? After NCWest underhandedly wipe out people's hard-earned pre-patch Demon Spirt Stone, they become too valuable to exchange for Tawny and Lavender Nightstones. Even on alts, you want to hoard those in case you want to craft a massive amount of oils.


    MSP is now dead, outside of daily MSP 1-3 for free keys and good gold. No ones bother to run MSP 4-6 anymore due to lacking of x2 loot bonus, so it is no longer another source for people who want TT soul shield 1-5. Thus, despite of being the only way to get yellow/purple stones, no one bother to runs it.


    Meanwhile, Moon Refuse only ofter up to VT soul shields.


    Can NCWest consider either:


    -Adding back Tawny and Lavender Nightstones exchange via Solar Energy to either MSP or Cold Storage vendor? It will help players who have trouble finding TT raid to get at least 5 TT soul shield set, providing they have spent efforts logging in the game to do daily challenges on multi alts.


    -Adding back Tawny and Lavender Nightstones exchange, but using moonlight buds in Moon Refuse. This way, people will actively engage more in this new content.

  10. Despite of being dungeons of many years old, Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate are still being preferable dungeons for NCSoft, cuz they are dungeons where F10 is involved (resets). Also, cuz they have daily lock, NCSoft can give them good rewards without worry about inflation of currencies. I'm not surprised if NCSoft will revisit these dungeons again in future, or even make more.


    However, the thing with orb entry are annoying: it promotes players' selfishness by hoarding fragments to sell on F5, and leech orbs from people who gather/spend on orb fragments. While Cold Storage can be ignored cuz the daily quest is just first boss, Heaven's Mandate is a different story when it requires an orb to even enter.


    To add salt to the wound, Heaven's Mandate takes pretty much 3 slots of daily challenges per week, so it  gives new players with humble budget no choice but camping in F8 and waiting for the first sight of MOML party. It takes less than split second for such a party to be full. Even worse, some players, either new or selfish, do not respect the rule "MOML", so this discourage orb spenders to join F8 even further. Instead, they can just do it in-server where they can safely kicks who disobey the rule, though it is a pain to wait for party members to gather.


    To deal with this without devaluing the shiny new Orb of Ascension, I suggest either:


    1) Change Heaven' Mandate to be entry-free for boss 1, similar to Cold Storage. Change daily quest to just ask to clear 1st boss of HM too. To unlock second fight of Jinsoyun, you will have to spend an orb. This will benefit players who just to finish daily. For people who are generous, they can spend orb.


    2) Same as above, but change's Heaven's Mandate's entry-fee to one single Shard. For second boss, you spend other 5 shards. This way, it encourages players to do daily challenge to earn shards and use. Since it is a pain to solo Heaven's Mandate unless you're super whale geared, players will band together to take down boss, thus ensure the group aspect of these dungeons.


    3) Heaven's Mandate becomes entry free.  But boss 2 of both CS and HM are no longer included in the dungeon. Instead, players with orbs can go to outside of these dungeons to access solo bosses, which are Karri Lord and Winged Jinsoyun, with suitable HP that offers extra reward. Similar to those solo treasure rooms in Celestial Basin.


  11. Pros:

    -Streamlining some classes' rotation, thus resulting in easier, more fluid and efficient DPS. For example: Earth Summoner becomes less dependent on timing.


    -Fix some years-old class frustrating problem. For example: Warlock's problem with skills being critical and focus dependent.


    -Overall, the system provides DPS increase to all classes.



    -Talents give players no freedom of choice cuz some skills get bundled together in a single talent. For example: as Summoner, in order to have cat curl that recovers focus, I'm forced to select the talent that makes my root a 45s cooldown one. I can no longer select them separately like before. If I select cat taunt. If I select the rolling skill, I cannot choose to have the 24s or 45s cooldown root.


    -Some talent rows are not really matter. For example, Fire Gunner's Row 2 offers a slow debuff, a knockback, or a daze. All of them are pvp-benefiting, but are all useless or very situational in PvE.


    -Talents limit players' freedom to select their ability to CC. You can no longer select between stun,daze and knockdown for their button 2 as gunner, for instance. You certainly let them have CC skills in other places (Knockdown with 1-F, Daze with 3), but this requires to select certain talents.


    -Finally, some talents' row gives illusion of choice. You have three talents, but everyone will just select one and stay there till the end of the Earth. You won't see a Dark (Curse) Warlock that agrees trait for Time Distortion even though people yell at them, cuz they will have to sacrifice their 1 Helix/spectral orb talent if they do so.


    -Pvp scene is... well, I let you decide it by yourself :3

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  12. You guys know why Cold Storage is harder to clear than Heaven's Mandate for low DPS players?


    Because Wintermane STACKS DEFENSE BUFF. The longer you fight him, the more defense stacks he get, to the point it efficiently half your DPS at 5 stack.


    In order to overcome his defense buff, you have to do mech to stack Piercing buff, which requires someone to stand farthest and lure the spinning mobs toward him. Then you have to hold DPS (you can over-DPS his mech phase) so that the boss will go into mech phase where he freezes the furthest, then the furthest will get his freeze state thawed by a spinning mob, thus granting party-wide Piercing buff.


    You can also go PvP set where it gives your enough Piercing to overcome his defense buff, but your DPS in PvP is much weaker than your PvE DPS, so it is useless anyway.


    Nowadays, most new players don't even know that Wintermane has a mech phase.


    So yeah, Cold Storage is not very newbie friendly, cuz their low DPS leads them toward their downfall. A whole party that fresh out of stories will have it hard to just DPS him down without some mech. It is better to have some good DPSers to accompany lowbies.


  13. I read about daily challenge becomes less players friendly for being harder to just LFG. Older players want fast run and recruit Aransu+. New players with low gear party struggle against revamped Cold Storage/Heaven's Mandate with buffed bosses.


    Then I check out the newly-introduced Moon Refuse to upgrade my Talisman, which is said to be Celestial Basin 2.0. Turn out quite a disappointment. For a place designed for new players to catch up with VT soul shields and trade-able BT accessories, as well as chance for gilded gems, it is quite empty. Feel like just a large area filled with random mobs, and very few players.


    I think that if you want to make daily challenges being friendly to new players, then add event daily (if any) and Moon Refuse daily (the one asking to collect 30 items). It will encourage players to do events, as well as promote a content that seems no one cares about.

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  14. 21 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    And with this then you end up with the same costs as the hongmoon scrolls in clan crafting.... Raid mats should stay where they are in raids.

    Tell me until sealed version of raid mats or NCWest sells it in Trove come, where are you supposed to get raid mats if you don't raid? Fall from the sky and dig from the ground?


    And why do you immediately assume the costs as expensive as HM scrolls? Remember HM scrolls are whale items, you either whale it with gold or with wallets. Why don't assuming it is just 500 elysian crystal, 500 moonstone crystals (as expensive as breakthrough for first stage of TT earring), and 1,000 gold? It also consume 3 raid mats that no one needs.


    Also, why do you protest it before giving it some deeper thought? Do you think people who raid for 20 weeks straight and has none of their mats dropped feel fun playing this game? They have to always be available in raid for a chance, while subbing people keep waiting until the ones they sub get lucky. Then the cycle of waiting rinse and repeat.


    RNG maybe fun with gacha event like Trove. But it is not fun at all when comes to gating your gear progression cuz NCSoft cannot think of anything better to stop players from getting bored after obtaining end-gear.


    If anything, this just helps NCWest to:

    -Sink gold

    -Sink materials.

    -Make clan crafting useful


    For players:

    -No mats will be useless. If you are the last person in the raid without GC and the bosses refuse to drop your mat, then this will be a good alternative way to get your drop instead of continuing playing with your RNG. Mind you that someone plays for 20-30 weeks and still have no luck.

    -Players will actively get more TT-ready characters to multi TT raids for more raid mats, thus playing contents.

    -Players can "sell" mats they don't need, similar to Inferno outfit crafting. For new raid release, this will be hard to come by, cuz people will hoard mats for their own clan members first, so it is not like you will see everyone running around with latest gear. Then when they are willing to sell, sometimes have passed and NCSoft would start to throw raid nerf here and there, making it even more accessible.


    If you are that worried about mats available, then even simple: just gate the raid upgrade behind final boss achievement. You don't clear it, you don't deserve it.

  15. Would be cool if they make the exchange a clan crafting:



    -x3 of non-desirable weapon/badge raid mat

    -some gold

    -some mats

    -one week of crafting time

    -Max clan rank



    -x1 desirable weapon/badge raid mat

  16. Or all classes become available to all races.


    Honestly, the whole race-class restriction is stupid. BnS is not TERA with too many races that makes it hard to develop animations of each class for one-or-two gender of every race. Four race, 7 genders (Yun only has one) is what BnS has.


    Even racial lore about Lyn being weak in physique is a joke now, with BD and WD already physcial-weapon classes for them. Also, NCSoft actually never cares about racial lore in the first place. There is no racial difference in the game: everyone is counted as human: from a hulk-like Gon to a tiny little Lyn. No one feels that Lyn is not good for physcial labor (they even mine in Brightstone village), no one feels that the love between a Lyn and a Jin/Gon is weird, except for the first being a bit too short...

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  17. No feedback? Here is mine.


    -Should have make a short video to introduce what skills do what instead of wall-of-text.

    -Introduce around talents, not skills. Talents is what make this new awk.skill system different than what we currently have. Talent adds new skills or modify existing skills to suit situations.

    -Blade Master's "Slippery" sounds like funny translation.

    -Destroyer's Stone Breaker skills are just different variations of a single skill, and these variants all exist pre.awk. So nothing new about it.

    -Same deal with Summoner's Cat Nip, Surprise Gifts, Petal Storm Toss. Nothing new about them. Not even in term of functions.

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  18. For some reason, this part of my opinion just slipped from my mind when I made the long post above.


    Regarding of not letting players to switch accessories freely, here is another cons:


    Accs switching would provide players another chance to explore both builds, instead just sticking to what they are having. For example, I have a Ice Warden with Ice Earring - Stage 6 and Ring - Stage 6. . I select Ice cuz I heard it was better for tanking, but I never experience Lightning build to tell the difference. 


    As awk.skills come, I should have a chance to experience Lightning Build to see if there is something new or not. I may even want to switch build to Lightning completely if I actually thinks it is more suitable for me. H


    However, since to switch to Lightning would require me to invest a lot of gold for my Ice Earring and Ring to stage 10. Mind you that stage 6 to stage 10 do not have very strong DPS difference, especially if it is BT stuffs. Meanwhile, I need gold and mats for other upgrades too. So I have to choose between stage 10 ring/earring upgrade so that I can test build and delay other important upgrades, or just "meh, whatever" and stop thinking about switching builds. I dunno if the exchange period is permanent or just temporary, cuz so far, it is temporary in KR.


    You know why this is important? Cuz when players test something, they dedicate their time, and maybe money too, into the game. With a big meta-shift like awk.patch, players should have a chance to freely test builds to re-discover their knowledge, instead of just treating it as a DPS boost for all classes and move on without caring.


    Edit: Or, NCWest can just adopt the spec-adapting accessories like in TH/VN, which are accessories that will change themselves to suit with current builds. Like an earring that boosts Sunflower on Earth Sum will change itself to an earring that boosts Rumble bee on Wind Sum, without any extra step. We actually have this function already, which is our Soul shield set bonus. This will save players a lot of headache and RNG to deal with, especially when 3rd spec comes out.


    For people who dunno how loot distribution will work for raid, here is how:


    -Boss 1 BT/TT drops earring, boss 2 drops ring, and boss 3 will drop either ring/earring

    -Boss 1 VT/ET drops badge, boss 2 drop necklace, and boss 3 will drop either badge/necklace

    -Accessories will drop in 3 categories similar weapon mats, like Raven Animus/Energy/Ferocity. So when fighting a boss, you have 1/3 chance to get the right category of your class.

    -The chest will further RNG between two specs. So you have 1/6 chance to get the right accessory for your build. This RNG will become worse when you get 3rd spec of your class, as you now have 1/9 the chance to get the right one.

    -If you can clear boss 3, then you have another 1/12 chance (1/18 with 3 specs) to get the right accessory type, the right class category, and the right spec. Overall, a single full raid will give you 1/4 chance to what you want for two specs, and 1/6 chance when 3rd spec is released.


    Yeah right, your RNG, if anything, get worse the moment 3rd spec comes out.


    A spec-adapting accessory system would fix that. It will eliminate the headache of temporary event for accessory exchange, item creation for 3rd spec (you need like another set of 3rd-spec accessory, which add even more data to the game), and RNG factor when it comes to raid loot distribution.


    Also, NCSoft is not a stranger to adapt functions of other regions for their KR server. For example, the current story arc is a result of BnS CN changing how the story used to work from two path of Darkness and Light into a single streamlined one, and BnS KR imported this back to their server.

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  19. 1 hour ago, Deadly Intent said:

    Question for Youmukon.  With element changing to "force" I'm assuming that the obsidian gems will do the same.  So if I have a flame octal obsidian, a shadow octal obsidian and a lightning octal obsidian after the patch will I then have 3 "force" octal obsidians?  Thank you.

    All obsidian with different elements will become one type, and all of them can be used to transmute into higher tier, regardless of previous elements.

  20. I saw an afk player today in Hongsil's Workshop.


    I saw a player ragequitting cuz he did not want to offer the afker free carry.


    Meanwhile, like most parties that had afkers, they decided to ignore it and continued to finish dungeons. Cuz they did not want to spend time going through loading screens, or the boss was already half-die and it was a chore to redo it. It certainly made it slower for them, but it was not like quitting half-way rewards them anything.


    Meanwhile, the afker just waiting patiently for his reward without inputting any effort. Even if the party all ragequit, he could just LFG into another dungeon until an impatient decided to ignore him and just gave him free carry.


    Reporting afkers, I did a few. But considering I saw the same guy continuing afking with his characters (you only need to know his account name to know other characters) a day later, I assume Support Team either neglected it, or their punishment was not heavy enough. Or their tools cannot detect afkers, cuz some afkers can also just jump down, and auto-fire LMB to make them look like they are moving. Of course, for Workshop boss where you have to deal damage with tools, their DPS contribution is nothing.


    Players being impatient and just wanting to get the event done and ignoring afkers, afkers preying on such mindset, and not strong enough sanction against afkers. All of these make afkers just continue to survive and leech people's efforts. Nothing stops them. Not only this event, but also in normal dungeons. A lone baleful 7 LFG into a A9+ party that is trying to get their friends in, and refuse to leave until everyone quits. Obviously, he is a deadweight no matter what: not have the DPS, not help in mech, and cause party disband.


    This is why vote-kick online players are valuable in such cases. When the company cannot handle all the punishment, it is better to let players to do it themselves.


    I read about some arguments that people will abuse vote-kick online. Something about people will vote kick you when it is loot time. Negative. If any group ever try that, they paint their name black and will struggle greatly if they ever try to join another party. Especially their alts, cuz you only need to know their name, you will know their account name, thus you know all of their alt's names. This is also a bad behavior and can be reported to Support Team.


    Plus, you need FIVE people all agreeing on the vote kick. This means that if it is a clan run and you LFG into their party when they try to get their friend in, expecting to be kicked cuz they don't want you. If it is F8 runs, people need to have very strong negative opinion on you so that all FIVE people decides just to kick you. You are either too low-gear for their taste, try to afk and leech, or too toxic, or trying to upbid what you don't need cuz you want more gold etc. If you ever do these to other people, being vote-kicked is what you deserve.



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  21. 13 hours ago, yoM said:

    First point yes.

    Second point, as far as I know from CN server, the ring will buff both Dragoncall and Dragon Helix for WL. Now you see what I am confused about?

    China, Vietnam and Thailand servers have their own version of raid accessories.. The difference is that raid accs in these regions adapt to your current spec. If you are in Ice build, your ring will boost Dragoncall. If you are in Shadow build, your ring will change itself to boost Dragon Helix. So yeah, they only need a single raid acc for both builds, or even all three builds when 3rd spec comes out.


    However, accessories in VN and TN have their own upgrade system: to upgrade a stage of a raid acc, you need the same raid acc. So Stage 1 + Stage 1 = Stage 2, Stage 2 + Stage 1 = Stage 3, and so on. In addition, raid accs drop from 6-man Dungeons, and have high rate to drop. Raid loot drops something else. This is just a way for Garena, the publisher in VN and TH, to simplify the grind and the data they have to handle.


    Meanwhile, NA/EU will not use this spec-adapt system. Instead, it uses the same spec-exclusive accs, similar to what KR and other regions have. Would be cool if we have this spec-adapt though, cuz it would resolve a lot of spec-switching problems.

    11 hours ago, 817023_1452549911 said:

    if pink badges cant fuse this is make sense? i m a summoner and this things is not good for all summoner players. i dont understand. why? ncsoft must think about this cause ppl gonna mad. We all happy when hear about this pink badges and now we all dissappoint :S

    I think cuz they dunno how to deal with the fact that many players have spend a lot of oils and grace stones to upgrade their current fused soul badges (you already saw them in this thread). So they stall the fusion for pink badge for a while until they can find a proper solution.


    For Summoner,  only Wind Summoner has some setback for not being able to fuse pink badge. Earth Summoner still uses Undying even when fusion is available.




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