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Master Cho's Quest: Generous to a Vault


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Hello all!

My friend and I, start playing this weekend, and done Act I, but when i entered the Dungeon full of pirates trough a portal in the part where you have to rescue the Namsoyoo lady, by going left, we entered on what we thought is a dg or group content, because we are lvl 20 and dont endure much longer in that place.

Then imediatly as i entered, i gained the Master Cho's letter with the quest do do in Sentinel outpost, named, Generous to a Vault, and my friend did not get it.

We are in a party and i google it but haven't found any answers... 

We then finished the attack in Bamboo Village and moved on to Act II, and still my friend did not get the letter... what we must to to get the quest?

My friend has a low end notebook, and barely can play, and by the end of this day she has to reinstall the game due to her lack of pc knowledge (she install in the program files folder) so by now we can not make much tests, like try entering the dg again...

so thanks for everthing in advance...

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Thanks for the response!

Yes, i already seen the video, but in the video, he already get the letter.

What i want to know, is how to get the letter... because i get it, but my friend did not.

My friend has to install a vpn to reinstall the game, she is donwnloading it now.

Maybe later I update this post.

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