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Legacy of Hongmoon clan's quest

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Hi, I did need the title "Ascendent" earned from the Legacy of Hongmoon clan's quest, but can't get it anywhere, not in Progress nor Quest Letters. I used the lvl 60 char voucher getting from bard maintenance earlier, And didnt get it even if i did last act from main story.

Any suggestions of prequests I missed maybe ?

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I've done all purple quest and I dont have any of those left. I noticed that I dont have the acheivment for completing act 1 of main story too tho. So it seems its a huge bug. Waiting support to do something as always.

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I have the same issue and only realized now since I started playing the character I used the voucher on after the bard release. 


Did you do something to fix it or did support help? 


All of my storyline is completed but none of the achievements/hongmoon legacy showing completed.. despite my 3rd spec being open! All of it should have been auto-completed with voucher 😞 Nothing in my quest letters either.. 

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Don't expect a fix for this... It's been bugged for months now If you do a ticket with support they say to open a post in forums so developers will see it but guess what, No one sees these anymore... NA staff is like zombies with no brains... they keep messing with the code on this game... and if you think I'm just trolling and raging out of nowhere... There was an old dungeon called Drowning Deeps where it took TWO ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ years to fix a loading issue when entering that last Boss area... so you have an idea of how bad they work on this type of scenario.

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