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Where are all those Soulstones?

DES Yuliii

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as you can see in the title, im looking for an farmable way to get Soulstones. 

As a player that doesnt like PvP that much i always went to the Soulstone Planes to farm my Soulstones there.

But for quite some time all NPC´s and Hostile Mobs vanished from there. 


In the last big patch, the important Quest NPC´s "came back from their holidays" but all the Mobs are still gone.

Is there really no other way than to farm Soulstones in the Arena?

I mean i tried the Arena path, but sometimes i waited for 14minutes or even longer to get an opponent. And after around one hour i got enough Zen-Beans for ... 44 Soulstones. 


So am I missing a spot to get Soulstones efficiently?

I still hope there would be a way to farm Soulstones again, cause they´re getting pretty expensive right now on the market. 


Wish you all a happy day ^^

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Funny how by removing SSP content too early and not releasing ethereal battleground, they screwed up BNS economy


Soulstone price inflated from 25s/u to 30g/u 


Soulstone scalpers (often SSP TPhackers) have it real good while the average normal and new players are screwed.

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Though we have multiple threads already and hence noone was merged so far, I think this OP put the most informations into, so maybe @Green Stormhas some time to review this topic.


As for

On 11/3/2022 at 10:28 PM, DES Yuliii said:

a spot to get Soulstones efficiently?

There isn't really one. Between exploiters cheating top rank in demonsbane so only a selected handful of people would obtain HMC, the only somewhat efficient way seems to be from shop or via excessive gold farming. After looking throughout most areas older pvp zones seem to give some SoulStones however arena seems superior to that still.


Since F5 not dried out yet scalpers either are botting there too or somewhere huge amounts do exist. Though it is funny how it is SoulStones of all materials that skyrocket yet again in price. 6k/3day [therefore 2k/day] seems to be "all" you could do, though it again only would be roughly more that you'd get from your 14min queue. still it seems like the more efficient way if you use your rest rewards which would triple your income on day 3 BUT still will limit you.


as for some other sources:

- weeklies

- F10 via HMC which could be gained via F9 if gold sales (didnt do the math here)
- trove (appears we get boxes there, "free" tries after lv36)

- event currencies (not anymore though)


after I log back I can check few other places, thus will edit at some point

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