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State of PVP 1v1 NCwests fault not KR

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Ive just wanted to show @Green Storm why so many people are hating on this company and him (we know he himselfe is not at fault but it gets reflected onto him too)


Ive been in 1v1 for one and a half hour and managed to get 1 Player to play with me. Why thou ? There is no justification to do pvp anymore. 


NCwest thought for some reason after ignoring every problem PVP has for the past years its nice to remove the last thing that kept pvp playable. 

I mean i was one of them who asked for HM coin removal but ive also demanded something that replaces Hm coins. For example farmable Evolved Stones or whatever mat is hard to get currently in PVE.  


For me thats pretty much it for this season my char is in gold and i dont want to play a game i have to que up for atleast 1 hour to get a match. There are several things NCwest could still do to revive it like for example Tournaments that give out HM coins or whatever but for that NCwest would have to invest into thoose with digital currency that cost ncwest like 0$ which of course is way to expensive for this company i know.

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Yeah, PvP is in a bad spot right now, but—clearly—if people are willing to wait SO LONG to still play PvP, NCSoft should know people want PvP, and investing in PvP would be worthwhile.

I would personally still be queuing all day, maybe never even getting a match all day but still trying anyway, if I had more time uwu

Pleease do something to incentivize PvP for other players please. xD The PvP is great, but in a game where you have to do other things to get stronger and keep up with future content, PvP can't just be fun on its own sadly. I wish it could, but this game just isn't a fighting game where the entire purpose is to fight; it's an MMO that demands players to do things that grow their character, so.. all modes need to give players incentive to play them, unfortunately. xP Again, I wish people would just play PvP with no motivation other than "it's fun", but this just isn't the type of game that supports playing a mode PURELY for fun, sadly. So...

Please do something to bring PvP back. xP

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