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6v6 perma-iframe

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Perhaps you have no idea how to actully play pvp.


Gunner for example has the block with 6 sec cd which gives you 1.5 seconds godmode iframe and the X which gives 5 hit iframe for 5 seconds.


So if your enemy hits into the block 24/7 you have 4.5 seconds you need to evade with something else this can be done with hooks and X iframe but you will run out of iframes so most gunners run after their burst dmg is gone.


Warden has Blade ward which has nearly no cooldown with the correct gear. It makes you unstunable making you resist for the whole time. Unless enemy attacks from far cause Warden needs to use attacks to get this anti cc effect.


Every class expect for Assasin has a counter play and no class expect for assasin has unlimited iframes. You just need to improve your gameplay.

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