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Old time player coming back. Need advice on catching up.

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I have come back to this game because I miss it and would like to know, starting from level 60 as a warden, what can I do to catch up and do it at any given rate as a f2p/player that is able to send some not a lot, of money on the game?

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1. Your not going to catch up. So just throw that idea out the window.


2. If your looking to see what you can actually do to make steady progress everyday, AFK farming in the Ebon Realm and completing events, which lately seems to be always connected to completing the DC, WC, is the best way to progress. Of course along with your appropriate solo dungeon, Mushins Tower floor "whatever the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤", outlaw island if your strong enough, and TOI. That's your best bet. And of course farming an outfit or two never hurts so that you character doesn't look like an idiot.


Also I would like to mention that the game is dead. So do with that what you will..

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Best way to catch up as ( above medium gear)  wait for the event Call to arms , which give you medium gear 

 Aka 2nd last tier of accesories 

Weapon TB3 ( last one had this so probably this time will be same or maybe stage 6 )

TT accesory awaken st1 


And many other things .

Call to arms event is not hard ,don't listen if some trolls say it is. 

I start new account last event and i could do all the stages easily .


The next Call of arms should be in March if they keep the pattern which was so far every 6 months.


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