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  1. daily quest? even whales have difficulties completing this. only super whales can complete this daily.
  2. my guess is we have to claim all the outer items, and only then we can get the inner items
  3. want to catch up? buy that master bundle from store can't expect to catch up if you stick to free to play
  4. summ 3rd spec really an fps killer 😁
  5. I've been playing this game when the only dungeon is E.Fleet. Then I quit and returned everytime there's a new class just to see what it's like to play that class. The last time I played was when the archer class was released. Then I quit again. And this time, Astromancer. So many things changed. And since now we're so strong now, please consider to bring back Blackwyrm. We can solo it now. And we also can get the achievement from defeating Blackwyrm. Thank you. 😄
  6. apparently, free to play means that you're free to pay as much as you want
  7. i already quit this game twice. i returned everytime they released new class, soulfighter and now gunslinger. so it's 2 x 6 months. even cross server dungeon feels so empty. perhaps i'll quit again this time for good. forever. there's lot of games that more worth my money than this money sucker mmo.
  8. i remember that dungeon from a year ago. that's before soul fighter class, right?
  9. bns ncsoft not even 2 years old, how can you took a break for 3 years? you do time travel, bro?
  10. i want free mats to upgrade to aransu weapon. thank you :)
  11. Hi Excuse me for asking. But when Courage Season is end, will Alluvion Soul Badge be available on Dragon Express like other soulbadges? Thank you.
  12. false. i've been playing this game since january 2016
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