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  1. Hi. Blockchain gaming is so popular today. People can earn crypto while they're playing, so it's basically playing game and earning money (Play to Earn). Perhaps Blade and Soul can also adopt blockchain technology, so it's not just attracting people to return to play Blade and Soul but they can also earn crypto while playing Blade and Soul. You guys saw for yourself how much the number of Blade and Soul players decreased, right? It feels so dead -ish.
  2. ok.. new token.. new items at faction merchant.. stronger enemies.. nice.. now SSP is more dead than before.. thanks, ncsoft (^_^)v
  3. and you just complaint about that now? where were you?
  4. what good is ue4 revival if the population keep declining because of ncsoft greediness
  5. MSP? Doll? NS? 2400 AP is required there. you think they'll just carry someone with 1400-1500AP? and almost nobody doing MSP now. so rare. LFP? you do realize how dead F8? you can't just LFP and expect people will carry your 1400AP butt in the high level dungeons. my astro get kicked in MSP because i only have 1600+AP, and i'm the only astro in the raid. look at the facts, dude. not just by calculation.
  6. someone said the dungeons difficulty will be *adjusted is that right? even tho, it's still not new player friendly..
  7. yes. this game is now not very welcoming to new player. if you play this game in 2017, you can still have fun and keep up with others. and yet, nc still keep trying to suck money from the players. see the hongmoon store (f10), and you will understand what i'm saying. that gem exchange voucher, pet gem bundles, etc. unless new player willing to pour lot of their money to buy gems, mats, and other things to increase their attack power, this game is not for them. i've seen this problem since the silverfrost update. i've told them "you're ruining this game". and many people a
  8. how people going back to BnS if they keep milking money from players? after all this years, they still overpricing everything. look at the f10 and you guys will know what i mean. this game is definitely not friendly to a fresh new player, and can't 100% free to play. real money must be included to catch up with others.
  9. yeah. players nowadays have no patience. i was once kicked from raid because they don't want to wait for 20 seconds waiting for me to finish loading. i was like "CAN"T YOU WAIT FOR JUST 20 SECONDS???" eh, i think i should upgrade my old pc..
  10. Missing something? Eh, just about 4-5 years of fun. This game is kinda dead-ish. But thanks to whales, we can still continue playing this game. I still remember when i quit this game in 2018. Still has multi servers with many players crowding each server. Not like now. Dead -ish.. Reduced population. Only one server left. In game, only seeing the same whales everyday. So much different than 2018. The reason i play again is because Astromancer. Kinda fun. But, it's still heartbreaking seeing how this game becomes.
  11. i sent them a ticket before i rage quit for the 2nd time years ago. i said: "this game was fun before. you guys are ruining this game", etc. guess they didn't even want to listen to players. look at now. only single server, and still feels so quiet. feels so dead. so different compared to 2017-2018. it's kinda heartbreaking whenever i play my astromancer.
  12. daily quest? even whales have difficulties completing this. only super whales can complete this daily.
  13. my guess is we have to claim all the outer items, and only then we can get the inner items
  14. want to catch up? buy that master bundle from store can't expect to catch up if you stick to free to play
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