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Useless loading screens and videos


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hi, i'm the only one who's totally useless loadings? For example, in solo dungeons, I die and have to watch an unnecessary loading, while when I use revival charm, there is no loading.

Would it be such a problem to do it as a trial arena, where when I die it will revive me and I can try again?
Or cancel CDs for revival charms in solo dungeons?

It is similar in normal dungeons, where, for example, in the Brood Chamber you just have to go backwards and there is no loading ...

Another problem is the videos, which must always be skipped using esc. When he first appears, I understand, but every time? How about giving players the settings to turn these videos off?

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I woulkd ask myself how can you die in anything under Cathedra Cliffs anyway xD


The reason for the loading screen is because it revives you at the last checkpoint / portal. And definetely a No on zero cooldown on revival charms, that would make all mechanics completely worthless.

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Not everyone has endgame gear ...
As for the immediate recovery, it is meant in the case of a solo dungeon. Master Hong, Mao. When I try to make progress, I spend an hour fighting and another hour watching the loading screen.

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