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Bloodshade Harbor - nobody in dungeon lobby


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I'm trying to defeat Hae Mujin 10 times for bonus attributes achievement, but every time I search for a party for Bloodshade Harbor in F8 lobby I'm waiting for ages and nobody joins. I can't get past venomous thrasher solo. Really annoying, tried many times now. Any suggestions?

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Bloodshade harbor is really old content so almost nobody runs that anymore. Also characters at end of story can solo it.

The attribut achievemt isn't importnant so I suggest you finish main quest, raid quests and so on. If you want to do the dungeon you can do it later. Searching for it will be a waste of time. Sadly.

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I know I’m late to the party by about a month but I’d help you if you needed~ Ik no one is usually willing to run these things but I’d be willing to help :)

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