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  1. Nach allem was ich gehört habe wird aus auf dem NA Server das selbe in Blau sein. Dort ist Rot schwächer. Das Gebiet war mal gut aber das ist leider lange her und PvP existiert sowohl was die Fähigkeiten angeht als auch die Spieler nicht mehr. Wer will/kann schon PvP machen wenn die Klassen kaputt sind? Allerdings muss ich sagen, dass ich auch früher schon das Problem eher bei den Spielern sehe als bei NC. Diese Ebene kann wenig dafür wenn es zu einem ersten Ungleichgewicht kommt und dann alle spieler einen auf Lemming machen:"Meeh, ich will da rüber! Das Gras dort drüben ist grüne
  2. Kann mir eigentlich mal einer von den Entwicklern sagen, warum es anscheinend nicht mehr gewollt Benommenheit gegen NSC-Gegner einzusetzen? Für alle diejeniegen die es nicht mitbekommen haben, für Nachtklingen ist es nicht mehr möglich Gegner, die über diese Balken als CC-Schutz verfügen, mit Benommenheit zu teffen. Und zwar niemals! Egal ob die Balken offen sind oder nicht. Was auch Gegner aus den Solo Instanzen betrifft übrigens. Galaxie-Astromanten sind laut Patch Notes auch betroffen. Konnte das aber bisher nicht testen. Im PVP sollte es noch funktionieren was ich aber ebenfalls
  3. I am not a social justice warrior. I am merely saying my opinions on what is rightfull behavior. In RPG's I like to play rogues or mean characters. But I still play by the rules of the game. I think you don't understand another meaning of the proverb. It's not necessarily about being an active part of the solution. But not being an active part of the problem. If the game had to be shut down because of not being playable, then so be it! Darwin already showed us that it is survival of the fittest. And BnS just isn't fit anymore or even at all.
  4. WEST is either not willing or able to ban cheaters or properly manage their playerbase. Not reporting the issues is incompetence. SOFT doesn't care about us. We wouldn't have broken updates or incomplete pachtes if they would. Or WEST doesn't care to actually test. Not worth to distinguish in my regard. The technical fix can only be done by NC, yes. But the playerbase chose to use all those exploits, xml, hacks and whatnot. If the players would have chosen to not use those stuff and exclude or "ban" players that use it from clans, raids and such the problem wouldn
  5. You remind me of an athlete saying that doping is fine as long as everyone does it. And those who don't are stupid for not taking the advantage.
  6. Still no reason to hack or abuse the game to death. Remember: you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
  7. There are no justifications for using cheats, editing xml, multiboxing or anything like that. Period! Being part of the problem doesn't help to solve. It just makes it worse. 3 People using a bug is not fine at all. If you want to have a bug fixed send notice to the ones responsible for fixing it. You don't wait until half of the server is using it and then blame the devs for not fixing it. Disclaimer: Do I hate how NC handles the game? - Yes. Is NC responsible for the bugs and the bad performance of the game? - Yes. Does it matter to distingu
  8. Koldrak can die during smash phases or cinematic because of dots. Depending on how much hp Koldrak has left and the gear of the whales. I think this would be possible without having to cheat. Though nothing really surprises me anymore here in this game.
  9. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. For me it's simple: I'll quit playing.
  10. In all honesty, I have no idea what your job will be here for BnS. - If you would be working as support we wouldn't have heared from you. - There forum isn't that lively that we would need another mod. - Are you going to be the new producer? Do we even have one?
  11. I can only agree that those "worthy" items are quite the trap. You described it just perfectly. Sadly I doubt there will be fitting solution, for the players!, provided by this company.
  12. I think the two turtles are always there in Moon Refugee. Haven't really bothered to look for decorations so far but I am not surprised to hear there are none so far.
  13. Just something that I want to add to this topic. NC is to blame for being incompetent and unwilling to balance the classes. But the playerbase is also to blame for using xml, hacks, cheats and whatnot to make their character stronger and thus more imbalanced. Which actauly makes me more angry and fed up on the game. Pvp would be much more fun, without the other players.
  14. Well, if you want to be max geared you need dedication. And as the game itself told us, dedication means emptying our wallets. You can farm evo stones in MSP. Yes it takes long and this map became quite boring over the years and its many reuses. But it is still possible. I see no problem with new stages needing more materials then previous ones. It's an upgrade so why should it be cheaper or be the same cost as the former max? Each player decides for themself how fast they want to upgrade and how much they want to spend on that (time and or money).
  15. Teil 2 wurde meine ich auch vor einiger Zeit geändert. Was sagt denn der Questmarker wenn du drauf klickst? Oder schau mal bei Verliesen wie Schattengischt, Ruinen, Tiefen oder so. Ich meine so kannst du schon herausfinden in welches Verlies du wirklich musst. Wenn du den Startpunkt gefunden hast, musst du nur noch die Verliese in aufsteigender Reihenfolge laufen. Damit wird die Quest dann abgeschlossen.
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