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  1. Have to agree on that. The content the game has became quite boring. There is no proper balance for pvp and open world content is dead. Even solo content is on afk auto-combat now... But I don't think this is going to change. There was a world boss added for primewald in korea. But it got removed like one week later because the performance was so bad. My guess is that they have given up on doing stuff like that and just release dungeons.
  2. Not gonna bother with that. I already took a step back from game because of all those technical issues, incorrect patch notes, lags, and incompetent management. This scale change just increases my disctance from the game further.
  3. Oh, I didn't expect them to fix it. Just want to mention it here on forum so everyone can see it.
  4. Of course they post this when maintenance is already running. So players can't upgrade in advance before it becomes more expensive. NC hopes to increase the money they get from NA/EU that way. At least I imagine that. I already heared the rumor yesterday on alice's discord but i couldn't believe it. For me, I am already at true resolute heart but I won't bother upgrading it anymore. Just speak with your wallet everyone and don't spend anything on this company anymore.
  5. Chaos supply chain gets upgraded to a new mystic dungeon yes. But it won't be the same as the original. It'll be way shorter and Yeoharan joins her lil sister for the endfight.
  6. Guess the next or only chance for a fix is the next update. Though I have no hopes with this company.
  7. Wow, basically your first post in the forum and I am already fed up from you... Instead of adding the illusion weapon to the premium subscription you are removing it being mentioned in the article. Not even "Sorry, we screwed up and want to apologize to all who wanted to get it". I thought you are here for community management, and not to scare them off. Just how do you want people to spend money on your services?
  8. Meh, nothing of value was lost and nothing is gained I'd say. The community and content management was so bad in the last years that it basically didn't exist in the first place. Though I doubt the responsibilty for that is on the specific persons working here at WEST. On a personal level, @HimeI never really liked you but I wish you luck wherever you go now. @Green Storm, if you really are that long at NC, some suspect you are a developer, I won't say "welcome" but rather "brave of you to join this s**t show". Communication is the reason and cure to basically anything
  9. -RNG is the idea of this etching stones system so mats and gold are drained from the game. doubt they would make pre-defined ones, even for premium/battle pass. -Outfits, emotes and such is actually quite the good idea. But this would require NC to design and programm this stuff. So actual work. Never gonna happen with this company... -Meh, not really excited. Also you already get some if you buy premium and I think that is enough.
  10. The lower ones do. But you get all 3 of them trough sool booster so it isn't much of an issue.
  11. Even the old bracelets change according to spec. Soul badge seems to have to be change manually or swapped.
  12. In all honesty, I am not surprised at all. Since some time I consider everyone at NC, West and SOFT, to be either incompetent or ignorant. Though, some people are propably both.
  13. Hi, also bislang gibt es keine Funktion um seine Klasse zu ändern. Vermutlich wird solch ein Ticket bald verfügbar sein bei uns. Korea hat sowas schon bekommen und wir sollten das auch kriegen. Ob es dir das wert ist, ich tippe drauf, dass es mindestens 50€ kosten wird, musst du selbst entscheiden. Je nachdem wann du zuletzt gespielt hast, kann es gut sein, dass du bessere Ausrüstung bekommst als du bereits hast, wenn du nur die Story durchspielst. Und was für dich "worth" bedeutet, musst du selbst entscheiden oder sagen, damit Leute dir das beantworten können.
  14. Hast du überhaupt die Story fertig gemacht? Weil dann solltest du die Waffe von Numok gar nicht mehr brauchen. Vermutlich kommt jetzt am Mittowch ein Event um die Waffe aufzuwerten. Vorher würde ich eh nichts machen.
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