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RNG is killing game

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Let me start by saying. everything in game is grind. That's game design. After that putting RNG in PTS, UNITY, Soul Shields, Specially PVP ones that heavy depended on match with other player + your duo or yourself.  


lets see some examples. 


PTS try crafting 6 - Got 2. 


Unity You got legendary with crappy stats now u want to improve stats by loosing more stones and woh 1legendory + 5 purple + 1 Normal = 1 purple - are you serious. I work so hard to make purple to improve my self and get this.    


SS - ET : it took 5 set of SS 2 and 4 set of SS 4 and 3 set of ss1 to get crit. = that's like too much. 

SS - Avenging:  SS 1-5 no crit def then you ROLL 4 SET of 2 and every single time u get same stats - really. 



Amount of time it takes to farm these items is no joke, just agree you get money in game from ppl rich or working. leave rich spoils, Working person works 8hr play game for 4hrs dedicated and get this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. 


BTW - Done Whaling in this game i am pretty sure looking at their review of BNS my $ do make percent there. 


This tells you what do not upgrade just do pvp with ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ gears pug waste time as f2p and leave game for your better good. 


Well i understand i put this under frustration, but guys keep RNG but provide a way to get your desired result do not matter if its costly but we can rely on. 

Don't make this game go on the path of greedy company and recently u have been super greedy too. 








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Well RNG is part of the game and we have a very softened version on this, try RNG in Korea or China, this might kill you.


Getting everthing with the right stats would speed up everything, but it also would make everything boring, because you will reach max stuff very fast and be bored because you will have nothing to do anymore. I was farming 2 weeks straight for my mao neck, until I finaly got all the tokens back in the days.

RNG is part of quiet every MMO and if you complain about this soft RNG here, try out other versions, or even try out other MMOs WOW, where u can grind 1 hour for 1 item a certain mob can drop for your, or BDO where u can fail upgradeing your equip and you have to go all over again.


We can actauly call ourselfs lucky with this soft RNG we have, my 2 Cents.

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