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  1. Just disgusting @ new patch notes

    Than google about DX12 on Windows 10, it doesn't fully include DX9, so if a process requests code from a dx9 dll it has to emulate DX9, that is why my game ran better without shutters after installing DX9 Runtimes separately from Microsoft and also installing all the C++ and .net frameworks. For C++ and .NET you are right, that it doesn't emulate, but with all the different versions there might be some improvement which helped the game running better. I am defenitly not a white knight for NCWest, because in my oppinion they destroy the game because of listening on people who cry about everything. Like this dungeon is so hard I cant clear it (because I don't have a clue on what I am doing and I don't know the mech). Instead of makeing something of their guide menu CTRL + F NCWest decides to make the dungeons braindead that you can ignore the mech completely (eg Shadowmoor). From all the versions of BnS ours is so far the easiest, because of too many ignorant and lazy people crying about everything what causes then to work for their equipment, instead of getting it for free. Take a look at the future F8 changes Easy Mode for braindead and just 4 Hard mode dungeons left. In my opinion they just should have left all the Hard Modes and make them more rewarding. For example like in Korea they have Easy mode (our current normal mode, normal mode (our old normal mode before the mech nerfs) and hard mode with the original hard mode mechanics. For the players playing the game it would be much wiser to get some information from google YouTube or whatever about mechanics and play the game like its intended (it will make a lot more fun if you know what you are doing instead of just run through everything like a zombie). But well this would actually mean that people have to learn something, this can be kind of hard, so people decide to get angry on everything. Try out other MMOs than you can cry about P2W or long grinds, like WoW grinding 1 hour on one spot to get 1/3 quest items, blade and soul is nothing compared to it.
  2. Nobody said you need to have max equip, just do your thing and progress as fast as you can. I am not rushing anything just continuing step by step and I am barely at max gear atm. So for the new stuff comeing, I won't make a big deal out of it and continueing of doing my thing xD
  3. Just disgusting @ new patch notes

    Well the game came to a state where the client/ the engine / the coding can't handle all the new content, too many bonus effect, amplifiers need to be calculated. This game was created around 2008 and released 2010. At our Release with the starting content in Moonwater there hasn't been any problems, you were able to go with 24 man on Poharan with all players enabled and settings on max. Just Blackwyrm with 50+ people was a pain in the ass. xD I am on an i5 6600, 8Gb Ram, GTX 780 and after installing all .NET Frameworks and C++ versions alone with DX9 for Windows I have no freezes or shutters in any raid. The FPS are low but I can get along with it. So if your computer is missing some files to run everything properly it have to emulate the files, this causes shutters. In addidtion to that try to switch Nvidia Profiles for the BnS or BnS Korea, just a quick google search helps (don't take "EvilDoUsHarm's", or "NeroKoso's" FPS tipps. There are couple of other guides on youtube, reddit or here in the forums. Just open your eyes. It's very unlikely that the devs will make any efford to continue optimizeing the game (it got already better compareing it from half a year ago), because most of them are working on the Unreal Engine 4 update, as far as I heard they are doing it from scratch, so it won't just be a graphical overhault, thats why this takes time. So instead of complaining you can do your research on your own. Can't say much about the p2w aspect because I still can't see any p2w here in the game, its called pay2progress, although the actual unity casher boxes are going already a bit too far. But I agree that putting these new unity casher boxes in F10 from day 1 is kinda strange. But for this complainment in total, this is not a huge dps increase as you think, same for the max pet thing, it has some slight increase and some other benefits, but its considered a luxury upgrade same as max soul, so thats why it's expensive, since they introduced soul and pet. Now you are complaining because you can't get everything from day one without putting any efford in it, but if they give max gear for free you will complain, about the game beeing too easy and booring. This is still an MMO, so for upgradeing your equip you need to farm, we are pretty lucky with guaranteed upgrade path here, maybe try BDO, BnS Korea or China, where your upgrades can fail, so you have to redo everything you farmed. Or WoW where you have to grind for 1 hour+ just to drop 1quest item from a mob. People are too spoiled here, most of the time everyone is expecting to get everything for free or without efford. Although with the recent buffs to everyone since the aweakened update (already would have been enough) and the additional nerfs to dungeon and raid mechs, people still complain that it's not easy enough. You can run most of the dungeons without even careing about mech anymore, thats a shame! People get lazy and spoiled, in addition to that they complain about everything what they don't get for free. This max upgrades are not a must have, so relax enjoy the game and progress as fast as you can, if you cash you will be faster, if not it will take a while, you can progress very fast with the events, like this one atm, where you get a massive amount of oils or pet packs for minimal efford! My 2 Cents for this! :p
  4. RNG is killing game

    Well RNG is part of the game and we have a very softened version on this, try RNG in Korea or China, this might kill you. Getting everthing with the right stats would speed up everything, but it also would make everything boring, because you will reach max stuff very fast and be bored because you will have nothing to do anymore. I was farming 2 weeks straight for my mao neck, until I finaly got all the tokens back in the days. RNG is part of quiet every MMO and if you complain about this soft RNG here, try out other versions, or even try out other MMOs WOW, where u can grind 1 hour for 1 item a certain mob can drop for your, or BDO where u can fail upgradeing your equip and you have to go all over again. We can actauly call ourselfs lucky with this soft RNG we have, my 2 Cents.
  5. Removing Slow clunky walk mode.

    The trick is, not to get in combat if you dont have to. You usualy just get stuck in that mode if someone is still in combat, so instead of leaveing your teammates alone, just turn around and kill whatever is hitting your teammates. They fixed the combat stance bug with thralls and cats long ago, this was a major problem, but haven't had that bug for half a year.
  6. Just Linking my Thread here aswell, maybe someone from NC will stumble over it here, at least I hope someone does xD
  7. With all my testing so far (doing this for 2 years, still didnt found a good aa compatability bit for SGSSAA), I can just agree with you. Changeing graphical setting I achieve maybe 5 FPS compareing low settings to high settings. There are some small tweaks to the nvidia profile I found, but even the profile working best, is kind of linked to the graphic cards you use, so everybody have to do the testing by himself. For example on my main rig with an gtx 780 the normal bns profile works best, but on my notebook wiht an 1050 the client.exe is working better. But the main problem lies deeper as Amarathiel suggested, same goes with my suggestion at the start of this thread. For my experience, playing since the Close Beta, the client ran way smoother even with way higher player count at release. You have been able to 24 man Poharan without any problems FPS wise (at this point hideing Charakters with CTRL + F haven't been implemented), all charackters enabled and all effects on max. But the further we get new content, new accessories and bonuses and so on, the lower our FPS are. As I mentioned at the Thread Start my guess is, that on one hand, the damage calculateing system wasn't made toi handle so many bonuses and other variables, and on the other hand that like Amarathiel suggested the codeing isn't keeping up with the newer content changes and that it just cant handle everything. Translations also may be a problem, depends on how they are implemented, but we also have a way too messed up client, with Item IDs of every item since released, or not released. I bet we still have all the old skill IDs since release which just pile up somewhere and block the performance aswell, because the client is constantly checking what it have to process and that not. You can try it by yourself with opening your inventory and just hover around your items, you will notice how hard your FPS will drop. Maybe it will also be helping to clean up the client from old unused item and skill IDs. I hope this will be done anyway with the new UE4 client, therefore I hope that devs will just implement things which are actualy used, instead of implementing a library with everyhing piled up. Still hopeing that someone from NCWest will read this and maybe get this to the devs.
  8. I have already tried quiet everythign possible to optimize the client, tested ingame settings (like context guide and quest sorting), nvidia profile settings, windows settings and FTH. But the problem with the huge FPS drop persists, as far I tested it, my FPS were better with less gear (takeing off pet, badges and accessoriers) but I cant change anything to improve it. Thats why I still hope my suggestion will reach the devs xD
  9. I never ahve seen anything from hairworks
  10. Yes the ways of our game client are messed up weird xD I still hope this post will reach the devs at some point ^^
  11. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    lol what do u expect to placed with max equip at endgame? xD Its called Story and so far its one of the best MMO Stories so far, although its stretched at some point ^^
  12. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    Well you are right that the Soul takes a lot of time, but the Soul was intended as some sort of luxury Upgrade, so I also would just advice to get to true Tiger and than do all the other equip first. AP isn't everything, you get a lot of Bonus Effects from Accessories and SoulShields which outnumber the pure AP gain. and befor you think about upgradeing your Soul first concider upgradeing your Heart (as far as I know its still a better gold per damage ratio than the Soul) I know couple of people who just upgrade their Soul with Oils from Events and transmuteing Evolved Stones, it takes time, but in the meantime they do other Equip. It would be too boring if you were able to reach max equip in 2-3 months, after reaching it people would complain like: Its too easy to get max equip, its boting now, i am quitting because i have no challenge anymore. The PvP gear in my oppinion is something to neglect completely, I would only do it when u have nothing else left to do, well I am not a fan of 6vs6 anyway xD
  13. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    Hi, here are my 5 Cents: PvP Not sure what they broke in your oppinion but if you are talking about 6vs6 Battleground, that has been kind of Bullshit since the start, becasue of not equalized Stats. 1vs1 and 3vs3 looks unchanged at least for me, its not that easy, but well you need to know how to play your class and how to play against other classes, so a lot to learn and practice. For the Pay2Win aspect, correct me, but all of the PvE and PvP gear is unbuyable. You are still paying for progress not to win because you can't use your Stuff in 1vs1 and 3vs3 (Battleground is extended pve because better gear wins 90% of time, so its less skilldepended). If you pay for progress you are not winning something you just preogress faster. Well I don't want to defend them, because they made a lot of bad decisions by listening on the wrong part of the community, but NCsoft is not a Cherrity Organisation, they need to make money pay employes and pay for infrastructure, so they need to earn money somehow. But the game got a little bit too easy for my taste, with the awakening Patch we got a lot of Buffs and are able to deal more damage, waht is makeing things easier and faster already. But sadly on top of that we got a lot of Nerfs of Dungeons and Raids aswell, so that Mechanics are still kinda there but if you are not doing them u are also not wipeing or takeing any punishment or anything. I don't know if its only me but I would like a kind of challengeing experience rather than just running through everthing brainless and bored. This development resulted from a lot peoply crying for the game beeing too hard and they need so many AP to kill the boss in Naryu Sanctum or anything else, although they dont need any AP they need just knowlege. I guess it would help more if the Guide System with "CTRL + J" would actualy provide some Information about Mechanics. Because People are most of the time too lazy to use Google or Youtube. xD Well yes you are right the game is still no optimized properly, I have a Suggestion for one part except for the old engine and DX9 I hope someone of the developers can check if it helps. But on the other hand with the Unreal Engine 4 comeing early next year in Korea, my guess is, they actualy dont care for Bugs or anything at the moment because everybody is working on the Unreal Engine 4. As far as I know it won't be just an graphical overhault, it a new build from scratch. So lets hope it will help with the bad performance. :) So TLDR: the combat system itself is still enjoyable and not that boring like Tab targeting + faceroll on keyboard, or this new action systems like entering a cheatcode on your gameboy (up down up up down....). If you find a clan with some people u get along, the game is much more enjoyable. So for my part I still can recommend to come back, except you are someone who want max equip without spending time and efford and are just crying about everything is hard and takes too long..
  14. Hey, changeing process priority isn't helping a lot for me, I have already tried around with everything I was able to, I also messed with FTH, Nvidia Profiles, Windows settings and so on. At the moment I am just hopeing they won't make the same mistakes with UE4.
  15. Hello, maybe this might help improving the performance of the game. I noticed that the FPS drops and shutters are only occurring while being in battle and actually attacking. The moment I stop attacking, or if I die the FPS rise up and the game is running smoothly. Having other player hidden (Cntl + F) doesn't impact the performance while not attacking. So I assume that the damage calculation of dealt damage is the actual problem for the performance. With the actual content we have, on top of the RNG based damage calculation, a lot of additional effects on accessories, weapons, Soul Shield, Mystic, Boss AP and so on. All things which weren't considered when the game was developed, at that time just the RNG based damage system were made with amplifiers as critical chance / damage and additional damage. Comparing it to older content, for example the Silverfrost content update, the game ran a lot smoother and with higher FPS, even while being in fight. TLDR: My suggestion is that the damage calculations got too massive and complicated today that it heavily slows down the performance, because the system haven't been designed to work with so many variables. If you could ease up the calculations or maybe improve/streamline the damage calculation system client and server wise, the performance of players with no high end PCs will improve and Raids will be playable with more than 10 FPS. I hope someone from the NCSoft team reads and sends this suggestion to the developers. With regards, Cookie D Ace