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  1. That actually sound more like an ISP/Hardware/Software issue, not the servers. Maybe your connection is a bit suffering because of corona and too many people in your street/town are watching 4k videos or whatever.
  2. yes should have, but you always will have classes which counter other, that's not a myth its part of the kits of every class, especially if you want to balance for PvP and PvE. The only possibility to make all equal is to give everyone the same kit. Of cause, it's not only rock paper scissors, your own skill also plays a big part. If you know how other classes set up their combos, you can find a way how to counter it. Well yes back in the day's Summoner, Destro and Bladedancer were op, that changes every skill patch, for some classes more for others less.
  3. Here is an interesting comparison of the EU/NA client vs the KR client: The dips in performance are way higher in the EU/NA client. This is what NCWest should try to achieve for our client so that it will run on the same level as the Korean one. Another Problem in our Release is, that the servers are crippeled with the induced global ping, stronger servers and a better NETcode would do mirracles in terms of performance, because the sync between the server and the client would be better and not bottlenecking the client to wait for the sync or information
  4. I guess its this Armory Premium Transformation stone which is already in the game since an event in January? Maybe now they are not only an event currency anymore and transform out of normal Premium Transformation Stones and/ or transmutable. Would also assume that this is 100% correct
  5. NO NO NO NO NO .... don't stop UE4, it's a big NO NO.... I don't want to wait another 5 years to get the UE5 patch when UE 6 is getting released!! Finsih UE4, get it optimized (wel yes I am an optimist!) and than start working on porting it from UE4 to UE5 xD
  6. Well ye BM is strong now, but PvP is not balanced at all, so you can't just blame BM, but his Air-Combo for example already got nerfed in KR, we are getting the same patches in 3 months. PvPis like rock paper scissors, which class beats another class. Of cause, you can also beat the class which counters you but this is skill-based. To begin with, if you don't learn every class for PvP, there is no point in even flaming for nerfs. Dunno why you didn't mention destroyer with his barely all-time cc immunity, his parry spin, same as BD. Summoner with his cat pin, FM with his frost root. The k
  7. Hi, I am fully aware that NCWest, as well as NCSoft, are just publishers and that TeamBloodlust is the developer, but TeamBloodlust is owned by NCSOFT. NCWest is in a position to talk with the devs to get things done. For example to get rid of old items and systems in the client, get some optimizations done, or request a better damage calculation, get the translations hardcoded instead of a filter exchanging it, and so on. There are a lot of problems which can be solved, it is possible to optimize UE3. How is it possible that the game is not using the Blade and Soul Nvidia Pr
  8. Hey NCWest, I really don' want to hate but, you really need to beef up your game. The performance is horrible and mostly results in lazy programming with keeping legacy code and just adding up even more code, so the client is just blown up. You really should speed up the Unreal Engine 4 Update to get a fresh new client, without the old unused items, systems, and skills. I could bet that we still have the old level 45 skills in the client although they are not even usable anymore. But the game still "checks" on them. Despite that, even the Russian Blade and Soul Homep
  9. Geht das Pay2Win geheule wieder los.... Ich will hier nicht den Whiteknight spielen, dafür hat NC$oft zu viel versaut, aber... Du kannst in BnS nicht Winnen, sondern Progressen, das ist ein Unterschied, darum ist es wenn schon Pay2Progress. Ja in den letzten Monaten ist NC$oft sehr aggressiv im Shop unterwegs, leigt aber daran, dass sehr viele Leute das Game gequittet haben, weil es für sie von der Performance unspielbar war. Dadurch hast du eine kleinere Playerbase -> weniger Casual Casher (Premium only, doer 20€ im Monat) -> selben Kosten die NC hat be
  10. Than google about DX12 on Windows 10, it doesn't fully include DX9, so if a process requests code from a dx9 dll it has to emulate DX9, that is why my game ran better without shutters after installing DX9 Runtimes separately from Microsoft and also installing all the C++ and .net frameworks. For C++ and .NET you are right, that it doesn't emulate, but with all the different versions there might be some improvement which helped the game running better. I am defenitly not a white knight for NCWest, because in my oppinion they destroy the game because of listening on people wh
  11. Nobody said you need to have max equip, just do your thing and progress as fast as you can. I am not rushing anything just continuing step by step and I am barely at max gear atm. So for the new stuff comeing, I won't make a big deal out of it and continueing of doing my thing xD
  12. Well the game came to a state where the client/ the engine / the coding can't handle all the new content, too many bonus effect, amplifiers need to be calculated. This game was created around 2008 and released 2010. At our Release with the starting content in Moonwater there hasn't been any problems, you were able to go with 24 man on Poharan with all players enabled and settings on max. Just Blackwyrm with 50+ people was a pain in the ass. xD I am on an i5 6600, 8Gb Ram, GTX 780 and after installing all .NET Frameworks and C++ versions alone with DX9 for Windows I have no freezes or sh
  13. Well RNG is part of the game and we have a very softened version on this, try RNG in Korea or China, this might kill you. Getting everthing with the right stats would speed up everything, but it also would make everything boring, because you will reach max stuff very fast and be bored because you will have nothing to do anymore. I was farming 2 weeks straight for my mao neck, until I finaly got all the tokens back in the days. RNG is part of quiet every MMO and if you complain about this soft RNG here, try out other versions, or even try out other MMOs WOW, where u can grind 1
  14. The trick is, not to get in combat if you dont have to. You usualy just get stuck in that mode if someone is still in combat, so instead of leaveing your teammates alone, just turn around and kill whatever is hitting your teammates. They fixed the combat stance bug with thralls and cats long ago, this was a major problem, but haven't had that bug for half a year.
  15. Just Linking my Thread here aswell, maybe someone from NC will stumble over it here, at least I hope someone does xD
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