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Slashimi Armor


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I can't seem to narrow down the exact health % to consistently replicate this, but if you DPS Slashimi (Outlaw Island encounter) at a specific rate, it will trigger his armor up for his mech phase but he dose not actually go into his charging state.  This makes it impossible to continue to DPS him but also extremely difficult to use the spear gun as he continues to use his regular attacks.  This does not seem to be an issue if the DPS actually phases him a second time before he can even armor up for the first time.

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The reason that happens is the dungeon was not designed for the level of damage people do now. The thing is pushed too fast for the scripts to properly handle and there is not a back up if statement to check for that. You have two options. You can still use the gun but the best way to handle this is circle tank. To me moving in a circle around him seems to net the best results for me. Then the often the easier option is to escape and try again. If you want to mech skip you need to push his hp to at least 43% before he armors. Then he skips all that and goes back into normal rotation. My kfm kills him in 14 seconds and my gunner in 17 seconds. High end geared players do it faster. It was designed for a couple hundred thousand sustain and decently geared players do one million or more in sustain. Sometimes wonky things do happen when you far exceed the needed amount of damage. 

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