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  1. Slashimi Armor

    The reason that happens is the dungeon was not designed for the level of damage people do now. The thing is pushed too fast for the scripts to properly handle and there is not a back up if statement to check for that. You have two options. You can still use the gun but the best way to handle this is circle tank. To me moving in a circle around him seems to net the best results for me. Then the often the easier option is to escape and try again. If you want to mech skip you need to push his hp to at least 43% before he armors. Then he skips all that and goes back into normal rotation. My kfm kills him in 14 seconds and my gunner in 17 seconds. High end geared players do it faster. It was designed for a couple hundred thousand sustain and decently geared players do one million or more in sustain. Sometimes wonky things do happen when you far exceed the needed amount of damage.
  2. Ok to set this up to explain what happens to first know what happens on an successful combo. What happens is an aoe attack then it's supposed to stack the respective stacks in the meter and drains if any titan ire that is left. Twice now while farming in msp I have gotten a problem in which the combos are not stacking stacks. The combos was done correctly, the aoe hit happened, the meter was drained but no respective stacks happen. I can change which combos I use and it doesn't matter what combo set I use nor even if it is 4 combo sets or 7. It will do the stacks if I use buff but not when doing combos correctly. The only thing that fixes this is restarting the game. I can confirm that I pressed the combos right, within the time frame given and the last hit did hit the turtle. I know it has to hit a target to stack and it did hit a target. Just stacks don't stack into their respective points until I restart the game. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but it has happened to me twice. If any of you wolf kfm are reading this know just restart your game if it happens to you. So far this has only happened to me while msp farming and it does fix itself when I restart the game but here it is for what it's worth.
  3. Power A xbox one controller issues.

    To add additional information. I used the xbox accessories app which tests and lets you configure xbox one controllers to see what was going on. I had the test function up on the app and bns in the background. Both the app and bns picks up the button presses so it shows in the test and does an action in bns. The right stick is not doing anything in bns but is being registered as working correctly within the xbox app. So the problem is with blade and soul not the controller itself. It functions properly everywhere else but bns. The driver within device manager also confirms that the driver is the latest and functioning correctly. There are not really any settings in bns that much that deal directly with the controller and I see no INI files to check. I am not sure what else I can do because the controller is working properly but bns is not registering something correctly.
  4. Which main to choose?

    It's best to look at what the class actually does end game in terms of its role and then ask if you are ok with it. For simple explanation lets look at BM. BMs are a tank class and if you aren't ok with the tank role then it isn't a proper choice for a main. Alt sure go for it but as a main you won't so much be successful at it. It's made to be a tank and raid leaders will be looking for you to do tank or at least try to learn. As long as you show them that you are actually trying a lot of raid groups will try to help you learn or explain things to you. If it's a static raid that is. In your case it's sin or sf. Pve wise sins right now are more so a buff slave, party protect and DPS class. People keep SF around largely for the party rez but they do good damage. Both do fine in terms of damage. What would you like to focus on bringing to a raid group? Do you want to BB and learn to party protect at the right moment? Do you just want to be on stand by for a rez and throw out a few heals along the way? The one situational thing for SF is they do in VT boss 1 apply the heal buff to the tanks but that's a timing thing and mostly just there. Everybody does damage but damage isn't the most important thing. Like for peacekeeper in TT. A lot of people are doing mechanics not damage. For instance I do burster+spawner. After Soulburst during restraint I spend the rest of restraint mode preping and spawning the cylinders. If I don't do it properly the raid wipes regardless of DPS. I don't do as much as I could because the mechs are more important than my personal dps. What it boils down to is that in order for a class to be your main you are largely going to spend the bulk of your funds upping it and it will be what you are known for by other people. Unless you are a whale with near limitless funds it's not easy to just switch gears. So it's best if you are overall happy with the class. If you are unhappy with what that class does then you are going to not be happy with it as your main. So my advice would be is to research what the class does then ask yourself am I happy with doing that. If you aren't then play it as an alt not a main. I can't really give much advice on pvp but what I said does come into play for pve.
  5. Ok, so I have a Power A brand xbox one controller. I can confirm there are no issues with the other games I tried. Subnautica, Vampyr and witcher three have shown no issues but when it comes with BNS my right stick stops working. It will move the camera around then stop. It will kinda start back up some if I move the stick up or down a bit. I thought it was just hardware issues but it can't be since it works perfectly fine in other games. Is there like any issues with Power A controllers that we know of? Any workarounds or fixes? Like the rest of the controller works fine its just the right stick for camera movement. Something that doesn't happen in other games. Only with blade and soul. I already submitted a formal Ticket but Eloi from the Support staff said this was outside of their Troubleshooting.
  6. PVX guild recruiting members for pve and pvp content. We do both six and four man modes. We use discord for voice chat and general shenanigans. We are accepting both new and experienced active players. If interested in a clan to do some runs with you can contact Darkfoxhammert, NordicWarlock, Rinime, Yi Mina or any of our members that you may run into. It's fine if you are new we can teach you mechanics and about the classes. If you are experienced you can find some knowledgeable people to run with. We are not too hard to get along with.