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Outfits in F10: Need a revamp how it works

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Outfits in F10 in BnS works in two-week rotation, or seasonal rotation for specific outfit theme (Valentine, Summer, Christmas...)


The purpose for two-week rotation is making players feel they should buy it now, or they will never see it again. This is true for some outfits that once get out of rotation, it will a very long time for them to return. Sometimes, when enough time has passed, or NCWest runs out of ideas, some old outfits return with discounted prices.


So, what is the problem with this system?


1) Not everyone manages to get their outfits when it is available, either in-game reasons (cannot earn enough gold in time to sell for HM coins...), or real life one (having to be away from the game for a month due to work...). When they miss the rotation, they will have to wait for like a year to see it again.


2) Outfits tend to be bundled together. Which maybe bad thing for people who only like a certain piece of adornment, instead of a full set. Or, let say you only get 2/3 of outfit pieces from Trove. Now, in order to get a what you miss, you have to buy... another full set, thus you spend money on both trove, and another outfit set, just to get a full set, and an incomplete set. Maybe there will be an event where you can get the missing piece, but it is very rare for NCWest to be willing to offer F10 outfits in event.


So, what NCWest should do?


1) Instead of two-week rotation where outfits get take out, let make it two-week rotation where outfits will be bundled and sold at discounted prices. After two weeks have passed, the outfit set, instead of disappearing, will be added permanently to the F10 outfit section (like some very limited selection of permanent outfits we are having like Howl of the Moon...), but at full prices. Thus, players who are slow can still have another chance to get the outfit they like. Just that they will have to buy it at more expensive price if not buying during two week of rotation.


2) Instead of bundling them together, outfits when passing their two weeks of discounted bundle will now be available in F10, but with pieces being sold separately. For example, let say an outfit with three pieces cost you 1,499 coins in bunlde. Now, if you buy them separately, it will cost 1,699 coins in total. While certainly being more expensive, players can buy the pieces they miss from trove/events, or the only pieces that they really want, instead of wasting money to re-buy the whole set. It is like selling cigarettes: a whole pack is cheaper but not everyone wants to afford a whole thing, so they will buy cigarette separately instead, even though total prices will be more expensive.


3) What if by keep adding outfits to F10 permanently, NCWest finally runs out of outfits to put in rotation? Simple, just re-launch some old outfit sets at discounted prices, like what they are doing now.

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While I see what you mean...I have to say no, simply because people are not meant to get every single costume that shows up. Everyone knows its a 2 week rotation if they cant buy it with money, they can sell gold and buy it with hongmoon coins. So not being able to get it is not really any excuse.


Now you have to see costumes from F10 and costumes from events as 2 different things.  Like costumes from trove or rng boxes....they would not release those again in F10 to buy as that would heavily upset those who spent money with the intent to get said costumes from either rng box or trove. That's the whole reason why designer threads can only be gotten via rng box events aswel, else it would be unfair towards others.

If they would guarantee that certain costumes that are in said events will reappear somewhere else, no one would buy keys / boxes for them. that's their business and actually I like that not all costumes are available to everyone. Creates some sort of diversity.


you cannot change game / store things because of peoples private lives, work, money issues. that's not how it works.

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