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Bug with Assassin KFM lmb rmb skill icons


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I have testet this on all characters i own, and it appears that there is a bug with Assassin and KFM LMB/RMB skill icons.

These icons dont show at all on KFM , exept when he is engaged in a fight, while on Assassin only LMB skill shows. This happens on B&S skill mode and also on Simple mode.

Characters tested:


1st account: Assassin, Warlock, Summoner, Blade Dancer, Destroyer, Gunner, Warden

2nd account: KFM, Forcemaster, Soulfighter, Blademaster


I also noticed that on forcemaster the simple mode incsription above dhe RMB skill, which shows on other chars, is missing. 

I hope I was usefull :P

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As you can see, on assassin RMB and TAB skills are not showing (although in UI settings they appear on thei correct places). 

On KFM both LMB and RMB are missing.

UI reset didnt fix anything.  On videos made by other players on youtube, I have noticed that , for ex. Eckogen, dsnt have this isssue with KFM, but an assassin I watched in PvP his RMB also doesnt show.

Any1 has any idea what causes this?

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