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What is the point on having sprint fatigue inside a dungeon and general map? when you can unlimi-sprint at basin, msp and bg... why only those places and not any place? what's the issue with unlimi-sprint the whole dungeon or while leveling? i just don't get it, they keep increasing the fatigue amount, but what for? why not just make it unlimited or simply remove the bar? i never understood the fatigue sprint bar to begin with. Someone give me an explanation and don't come with that bullshit story about they don't want us to clear dungeons faster, because that makes no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing sense.

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Constantly questing in basin since the quests repeat means more running which to be honest I can do without the unlimited stamina in there but that might just be me. MSP is a very large map and say magma for example does have a spawn timer so say your working on achievements, trigger him but run out of stamina and no one is near your out of luck on a chance to trigger the mites.

Why increase it for dungeons? Half the time in F8 I notice pretty much everyone will run pass the trash monsters instead of killing them causing only a few people to basically be at the boss while the rest might get stuck in combat. So, unlimited stamina? To clear them that much quicker? I mean why else would you want the stamina? I can't speak for them about why they don't give it to us but who knows, we might be able to later on do a quest that costs a bunch of gold to unlock unlimited stamina period but who knows? I'm just trying to understand why you feel the need to have it since honestly no 'dungeon' takes more then 10 mins to complete with a good group.

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