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  1. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    You can try and get the best pc there is and this piece of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ game won't even care if you have a cpu with 128 cores, it will never run as smooth as other games, it's simply poorly made, just wait till UE4 hits and if we are lucky, that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ won't be a waste of time and money.
  2. What's the point?

    What is the point on having sprint fatigue inside a dungeon and general map? when you can unlimi-sprint at basin, msp and bg... why only those places and not any place? what's the issue with unlimi-sprint the whole dungeon or while leveling? i just don't get it, they keep increasing the fatigue amount, but what for? why not just make it unlimited or simply remove the bar? i never understood the fatigue sprint bar to begin with. Someone give me an explanation and don't come with that bullshit story about they don't want us to clear dungeons faster, because that makes no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing sense.
  3. Suggestions that will be ignored

    1. Many games send you back to the title screen and the anti-cheat keeps working when the connection is back. 2. It's not fine as it is and adding that isn't much trouble. 3. When you're a new player you won't solo it, since you're still learning about the game and skills rotation, so adding that option is no biggie. 4. Might be pointless to you, but sometimes going to mushing and practice there is annoying since there are other practicing aswell and all you need is to focus on your thing without distractions. 5. We all know NCWEST doesn't care about anything to improve the game, since all they need is to keep milking whales but still, would be a good idea. 6. Everybody knows it's balanced. Still you can get killed in less than 5 seconds and there's no fun in that for both players. I can tell you that killing someone that fast is boring really boring, makes me want to fight 3 or 4 times and leave arena, so i would love to have longer fights and less repetitive combos.
  4. I know this is useless but still... 1. Keep the current log in launcher but if you lose connection to the game's server, it shouldn't close the game, it should just send you back to the title screen like when the game launched. That way you'll save time if you got DC while doing a dungeon, raid, pvp BG. It isn't so hard to do, i don't know why the game should close itself, that's pretty stupid to be honest. 2. In F8 after recruiting your party members, there should be an option to decide if you want to appear inside or outside the dungeon after leaving lobby to speed things up, the same can be applied at the character screen selection, to decide if you want to appear in server map or just go directly to F8. 3. There are a few cases when cold storage or heavens mandate are on the Daily Challenge and you lfp but sometimes only one person shows up and decides to enter just to leave the party afterwards and the pt is disolved, so you have to go back to lobby and lfp again, that shouldn't happen, it should just show that you're the only one in the pt, like when you do raids, so that way you can recruit even if the person left. 4. Add an option for training dummies to pop up wherever you are, so you won't have to go to mushin's tower to practice, instead you can practice wherever you like it. 5. I don't know if the Asian servers still have this option, but when i played CN i remember there was a voice chat option that you can enable or disable. And i know what you're thinking... "that will just make the game full of toxic people making noises for no reason or whatever" but you have to admit that it would be pretty useful in BG for strategies when there's no time to type o draw. And like i wrote, you can enable or disable one specific person if it's being too annoying, he can still speak, but you won't hear it. Not everybody uses discord or any other voice chat programs and sometimes you just need to say things fast and can't afford the time to add people on discord and invite them to your server f they are not on your clan. 6. Increase duel arena HP. This is something that i personally feel the game needs, i'm pretty sure many players think one combo kill isn't enjoyable, the fight ends so fast that you feel like you just repeated the previous fight over and over again, you do your combo and the player is dead, ok, nice, but is it really that fun? specially when not everyone plays on the same region or have the same ping and if the other player has 50-80 ms and you used your escape, you can just sit an relax because you know you're already ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed. Unless, if combos can't completely drain your HP, let's say a full combo would drain 60% of your HP, that would still be a huge damage dealt to you but there's still chance for you to turn things around, that would be more enjoyable. Some players would like it and others won't, but that's to debate. And that's it, those are the things i would like to be changed in this game. Feel free to give your opinions, knowing NCSOFT won't even care.
  5. Keylogger

    A friend of mine told me to be careful about keyloggers on those places where you pay to use a pc and play any game. So i thought of way to avoid that and it's pretty simple actually. All we need is a different password to change the email adress, that way even if my log in password is stolen, they can't even log in into the game when the security PIN is required, because they can't change the email to obtein a PIN. I have no idea if this can be implemented in an update or what, but it would be pretty sweet to have that extra security, because i've heard of people that even got the in-game PIN stolen.