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Hi there,


I'm desperately looking & searching for help with the Warlock class. 

My Warlock is level 55, HM 11, and is an Ice build.


I'm struggling to figure out what Soul Badges & Shields are the best for my class, there are so many options! 


Also, obviously any accessory tips would be helpful too. 



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For soul badges, you'd ideally want to go either Magnum or Alluvion (most go Alluvion first), the choice is yours as you will need to get both in the long run for the Invincible Soul Badge (Magnum + Alluvion fused).
As for mystic badge, go Skyrift Mystic badge until you're geared enough to pick up the Aransu Mystic Badge.


As for Soul Shield, stick with full BT (Skybreak Spire) Soul shield (Nefarious Soul Shield) until you can pick up 3 piece VT (Temple of Eluvium) Soul Shield (Nefarious Soul Shield), you'll want to then use 5 BT/3 VT then 3 BT/5 VT and eventually end up at 8 VT. If you do not have any BT Soul Shields, then stick with MSP Soul Shield (Dark Reaver) for now.


Seeing as Warlock is a crit-dependent build, you'll want to immediately (or as soon as possible) get those crit primers onto your SS and it does not hurt to splurge a bit. So with your MSP Soul Shield, grab the Crit primers from your Dragon Express. Your BT Soul Shield, grab the ones from the vendor "Wei Ido" (your right as soon as you windstride in) from Shrine of the Ascendant in Khanda Vihar. For your VT Soul Shield, grab the crit primers from the vendor "Suh Seyun" from Dasari Gardens Trading Post in Dasari Palace Gardens.


As for your accessories, maybe share with us what kind of gear you have or just PM me and I'll help you out as best as I can.


Hope this helps ^^

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It's fairly straight forward as you should follow just the standard route of progression with SS and elemental accessories that most other classes or builds go by.  The only thing I will disagree with Ludicium on is that I would not recommend investing any resources on the MSP SS.  WL DPS significantly depend on having Soul Burn, and you should be aiming for that full BT / 5BT+3VT SS as soon as possible.  AS a WL, it should be easy enough for you to get into BT parties even with the amount of WD around, so you should have enough resources for that SS in just a few weeks at most.  Also note that your DPS will be below average compared to other classes with the same gear until full VT.  It gives such a significant boost that I would say it's worth it to pay 100 or so gold for a carry (if you don't have a group that can do it for free) once you save up enough Hive Queen Wings from weeklies.  

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