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summoner staffs info needed


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if you got the naryu coins, I guess you can go for the pvp weapon (galaxy) from the npc, until you get the dark one from the story.

If you choose to, do not upgrade the pvp one, at least for now. It is a pvp weapon and for pve you want the dark/light one. But the seraph/baleful one is only obtainable after you reached act 7, so you can't get it with level 50.

If you don't have a few 100 nary coins, safe them and stick with story weapons, until you get the baleful one. Then, if you open it and it doesn't have 6 gem slots, go to the npc and purchase those chests until you get one with 6 gem slots open.

scaleburn is like the past pre weapon for seraph/baleful, so don't get that.

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