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  1. I am fighting the boss and get him down to about 30% and he instant kills me. I use my shield and it does nothing. I am trying to get drakon cores for upgrades. I waited for an hour trying to get anyone to assist me with no luck so I went on lfp and again no luck. I am trying to solo now and like I said I keep getting instant killed close to the end. Can I as a fire gunner do something that will allow me to finish this boss, or do I need a summoner or ? How else can I get draken cores?
  2. to there and back again and again

    I am currently in chapter Vl and have not seen "to there and back again and again". Does it start after this chapter? How do I get it started? Trying to get a staff
  3. Ran into a problem. Not able to place order with forgekeepers. ( have not had this problem untill yesterday) The rep now just says I should swing by later and pick up something. xxxg lvl 46
  4. naryu coins and silver

    What happened to the 1 to 1 exchange of naryu coin to the same naryu silver? Now you need 20 coins for one silver.
  5. How to get that Milk Money.

    These costumes are way too high for my money. New games will be coming out soon that look good. Time to try some games that do not charges so much for clothes. At $20 you should get the entire outfit, accessories, and weapon skins.
  6. Suggestion for showroom

    I seen the silver saberfang box, but it is listed with about 20 other outfits as a % chance to get it. With my luck I would have to purchase 1000 boxes in order to get the outfit. I also have no idea how or where to get designer thread, and I need 4 for each box ? I have no idea what trove is ?
  7. summoner staffs info needed

    LVL 49 so at 50 I can get a staff . What staff is the best to get now? Been searching for info, but it is all old. Need current stats. scaleburn galaxy white dark
  8. Suggestion for showroom

    How about the ability to purchase a complete set with the weapons to match. I have been searching for a complete set of silver saberfang for my lyn summoner ever since I started her. I do not play PVP, I hate it! so I am out of luck. I have the cat outfit and the saberfang pet, and that is all. It would be nice to be able to dress your charachter the way you want early in the playthrough rather than when the game is finished if at all. I have also been waiting on the grand pheonix outfit for another alt, again I have not seen it. Why not set the game up where players can dress/weapon their characters the way they want at the beggining instead of at the end if at all? just my opinion on how backwards I feel this outfit and weapon system is.
  9. This is one thing that I do not understand is when you make a new alt, but can not purchase a starter pack if you already have one on another alt. Why restrict a purchase at all for any of your characters?
  10. designer thread

    Where or how do I get designer thread ?
  11. Looking in outfit studio shows that grand phoenix is available, but I can not find it. Anyone know where it is ?
  12. Lag issues after patch

    You and me both !
  13. Purchased an outfit in the store and changed the colors. Went to send it to an alt and was greyed out, says it is unable to trade. Why bother buying anything if you cannot send it to an alt in your account?
  14. Dungeons for beginners

    got my peaches working now, and had a truck load of them. So far got two leginday acc. working on the rest.
  15. Finished story and planned on upgrading, but looks like the dungeons for accessories are not in my skill range. What are some beginner dungeons that I can start with at my after story lvl ?
  16. Costumes, Outfit Stamps, Alts and You.

    My option was to make my main the only one with the purchased outfits, and the alts with in game free outfits. Hell if I will pay more to mail a purchased outfit to an alt. Just dont do it, and NC will get the message, or will fall when a better game comes along.
  17. Mail restrictions

    Its not just that mailing an alt cost money, its also that the fees charged get crazy !! Sending some items to your alt cost over 10 gold. why does NC not have a central storage and gold for the same account. This is just a scam to steal players money! I like the game play but the system NC uses to get cash is overboard.
  18. Costumes but no choice

    This is a problem that most of us share. Costumes ! I found when starting this game that I did not care for the free costumes, and the ones for sale seemed to remain the same for the 2 months I played the game the first time. Now that I have come back after a year I find that the same costumes are still for sale. I have to wonder why all the costumes that can be previewed are not for sale ? It is my opinion that this is one reason players quite the game, lack of choice.
  19. Pistol appearance change

    Want to change my bailful pistols appearance, and watched YT (from 2017 most recent)to see how, but was unable to select pistols I was going to use. How do I change the appearance of the bailfull pistols? Where can I find pistol skins to use? I tried to use seraph as the appearance pistols, but could not select them.
  20. Pistol appearance change

    Thats what it was, it was not on. Thanks for the help !!!!
  21. Pistol appearance change

    I have have been doing the quest as I get them, and am getting ss crystals,elisium, silver ect... but not one peach. Must be a glitch or who knows? Is there another place to get peaches?
  22. A new player, I am at CB trying to get my mystic badge that requires peaches to purchase. I have been grinding for two days and have not gotten a single peach. Did they all rott ?
  23. Pistol appearance change

    This is something I do not understand which is why NC makes customizing so difficult. I would like the mechinist pistols, but have not seen anyone with them. Do they even have it in game or is this just a ploy to keep players trying to get something that is not even available? To me, a new player, I am at CB trying to get my mystic badge that requires peaches to purchase. I have been grinding for two days and have not gotten a single peach. Upgrading from story to me seems impossible.
  24. Costumes but no choice

    I have just discovered that many of these costumes you can get for free ( got to find out where to get them by looking at it in the fitting room) if you kill bosses, but it may take you days to finally get it, if at all.