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  1. Went to do that but that select is not available, so I am stuck in training until I complete grandmaster. Yes, I am using the free voucher this time since it is free.
  2. Been gone from BS for some time now, but decided to try the new astomancer since it is free. Do not know if I am getting old but have 6 other charackters that I got through training just fine. The astromancer I got to grandmaster training and find I am unable to get the timing down. I have done both fire and cold up to grandmaster and can go no further. Can I start the game without doing the grandmaster training ? I need a fix otherwise I must bail out since I do not have the skill to complete the training.
  3. been gone for some time and seen i can get a free astrogirl charachter and free level to 60. have not planed on downloading bs to my new pc but thought i would try it. my question is how do i get her and leveled to 60 ?
  4. Ran into a problem. Not able to place order with forgekeepers. ( have not had this problem untill yesterday) The rep now just says I should swing by later and pick up something. xxxg lvl 46
  5. These costumes are way too high for my money. New games will be coming out soon that look good. Time to try some games that do not charges so much for clothes. At $20 you should get the entire outfit, accessories, and weapon skins.
  6. I am currently in chapter Vl and have not seen "to there and back again and again". Does it start after this chapter? How do I get it started? Trying to get a staff
  7. What happened to the 1 to 1 exchange of naryu coin to the same naryu silver? Now you need 20 coins for one silver.
  8. I seen the silver saberfang box, but it is listed with about 20 other outfits as a % chance to get it. With my luck I would have to purchase 1000 boxes in order to get the outfit. I also have no idea how or where to get designer thread, and I need 4 for each box ? I have no idea what trove is ?
  9. How about the ability to purchase a complete set with the weapons to match. I have been searching for a complete set of silver saberfang for my lyn summoner ever since I started her. I do not play PVP, I hate it! so I am out of luck. I have the cat outfit and the saberfang pet, and that is all. It would be nice to be able to dress your charachter the way you want early in the playthrough rather than when the game is finished if at all. I have also been waiting on the grand pheonix outfit for another alt, again I have not seen it. Why not set the game up where players can dress/weapon their cha
  10. LVL 49 so at 50 I can get a staff . What staff is the best to get now? Been searching for info, but it is all old. Need current stats. scaleburn galaxy white dark
  11. This is one thing that I do not understand is when you make a new alt, but can not purchase a starter pack if you already have one on another alt. Why restrict a purchase at all for any of your characters?
  12. Where or how do I get designer thread ?
  13. Looking in outfit studio shows that grand phoenix is available, but I can not find it. Anyone know where it is ?
  14. I am fighting the boss and get him down to about 30% and he instant kills me. I use my shield and it does nothing. I am trying to get drakon cores for upgrades. I waited for an hour trying to get anyone to assist me with no luck so I went on lfp and again no luck. I am trying to solo now and like I said I keep getting instant killed close to the end. Can I as a fire gunner do something that will allow me to finish this boss, or do I need a summoner or ? How else can I get draken cores?
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