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Hm...i believe your dps is decent but it is a little low on what you should be getting. My friend has similar gear to yours (except he uses the BT ring instead of skyshatter) and his DPS in normal dungeons is around 350-400k at least. Is your ping high?

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or your fps is low...


I got less gear than you (except the bracelet), and when I have to play on my laptop with 20 fps, I am at 200-250 in dungeons... (sorry I always forget to do F12 ^^)

It really sounds like you got ping or fps problems there, because you should be doing more than me with same ping/fps, and I am at about 350 without buffs as well

I know all people say that sum is so super ping friendly, but with that gear you just miss too many activations and end up sitting there just throwing sunflowers... which you probably know ^^


if you got a super ping and fps however (which I kinda doubt), maybe the fight log where one can see what skills you used how many times could help. But I really guess it is ping/fps.

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well sadly your actual internet speed has nothing to do with your ping... I got better internet than a friend, but way worse ping. 

I guess it is more how your provider and bns really play out the connection, as the routing seems to be very different depending on your provider.


While 120 ping is totally fine, 250-300 definitly kills your dps to some degree. I also have the feeling, I am better of with higher but stable ping, if you are fluctuating that much, it must be really difficult. 


I guess you often miss your 2 stacks in that high ping time? Because there you got your damage loss then.

I think there are some vpn programms, which can improve your ping, but I don't know which ones, so maybe someone else can help there...

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