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Dungeon Problem


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I am entering one dungeon several times.After entered I am quiting after 1 sec.

1-Players entering dungeoons 2 player and after did many quests until last boss they LF party members.

2-I wana run full dungeon but many dails let them leave before full run.

3-They dont care full run or they wana run after high item lvl.

Players teling me this after asked why you entered 2 player dungeon.

Becouse they can run alone.

So why you dont run alone and LF party members and wasting our time?

How many times ı must try to find full run party?

This is specialy wasting our time and must be perma ban reason.

If we wana run dungeon and cant run becouse of this kind of players what is the point of having dungeons?

I cant do quests becouse they always doing quests until last boss.

I tryed 24 time for just one dungeon.They alredy did all quests.

I will have penalty after leving many party but they dont have any penalty+They doing this specialy.

This means they specialy kiling our fun and cantroling dungeons like this SO they can sell items or game money.

If ı look for party always they asking for enter dungeon without full party.

4-5 player ok for me too but WHY 2 PLAYER ALWAYS ENTERING ?

We need to do someting about it.This kiling our fun+wasting our time+you pnushing us fır this not this kind of players.

So if one player wana play for fun its like imposible.

If you complain about they alredy did quests many times they rep you with bad language or swears.

NC Soft ,ı am asking you chance dungeon run rules becouse its imposible play like this.

All day waiting trying for one full run.Its just wasting our time and wasting your money.


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