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  1. Ja, das ist völlig normal, derjenige ist ein Alt-Char mit hohem Unity Rank/Bruderschaftsrang.
  2. You can finish the event easily before 10/21 when you organize yourself a little. Plan in 10 days for the whole event and prioritize remnants that are time gated or limited by daily limit. 10x champion's remnant (which takes exactly 10 days naksun except you can beat yunsang and yeoharan, then you'll be done in 4 days) 40x armory pearl (8 days of 12500 pearls. Even when you fish much more they're limited to 5 purchases per day, so dont forget to buy them every day) 9x HaHi Dungeon 8x Daily Challenge remnant The rest should be no problem, you can spam msp
  3. Thanks for the tipps, standing at the edge of the map actually helped me out a lot.
  4. So after doing HaHi several times I've encountered one particular problem over and over. I know how the mech is done in general: someone gets mark, blocks and throws the thingy at the boss. But I got cc'd pretty often and dropped it even when I blocked and figured out that I was facing the wrong direction. Since I'm one of those classes that have frontal block only instead of 360° I see myself at a huge disadvantage regarding this mech. I tried to figure out quickly which monkey throws the bomb but it's just so fast that I barely can turn around in time if the bomb is coming from behind. Shall
  5. Bracelet is always class specific while gloves, neck etc. are not. Reseal it to send it over to an alt.
  6. The Login reward resets for EU are bugged and reset at 14 CEST instead of 8 CEST. It's annoying af that they don't reset together with daily quest reset. Please fix!
  7. I'm having another issue regarding fishing. It can sometimes fail. I didn't even know that auto-fishing can fail, but it does. ó.o My game is running perfectly fine, no DCs or crashes but when I come back from work or wake up in the morning my char is just standing there doing nothing. (AND NO i didn't used up leisure or baits) When I check my system-chatlog "fishing failed" hours ago. I guess it's not intended that you have to check every 30 minutes if your char is still fishing as it's supposed to work properly while afk. Does anyone know what's causing the fishing to fail? This is so frusta
  8. But the problem is with the update we have to do 5 times Naryu Sanctum instead of Brood Chamber for weekly. That's not an easy 6/6 anymore! They have to do something about it or the players who actually need the stuff from this event won't be able to achieve it.
  9. Do not throw away or sell duplicate gems, you can trade them again with way less moonlight buds for another gem chest. It's right below the regular 400 buds chest, the cost is one gilded triangular gem of any color plus 130 buds I guess. I know the rng with these chests sucks, but this option is better than nothing. Of course as soon as you get a gem of a different color that you want to use you have to farm 400 buds again for your next one.
  10. I need the Yu Chun hairstyle for males! Does that even exist as head adornment anywhere? https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/bladeandsoul_gamepedia/images/thumb/c/cf/YUchun.PNG/350px-YUchun.PNG/revision/latest?cb=6f64ed95d144ec635726dc55c1724152
  11. They've had wrong/bugged tooltips in the past, showing a false date or no expiration date at all. Also I didn't say it was their fault, only that I misunderstood, "assuming" the event currency were the things we collected every day.
  12. Hey, I also misunderstood the function of the lamps. Assuming the event currency was actually the polishing clothes that can no longer be obtained after event ends. But I thought the lamps would still work during the reward redemption period, only that they can no longer be upgraded into wishing lamps. The jackpots for example always lasted through the reward redemption period, I have a years old juggernaught jackpot on one char, still working. xD Of course I can read item tooltips but I also think NC should have announced more clearly that the lamps will stop working immediately after pa
  13. Versuche mal, die Mainquest über J und "Quest verfolgen" zu finden. Wenn man während einer Storyquest rausfliegt oder in einem Gebiet ohne Teleportpunkt war, steht irgendwo ein NPC, der einen die Quest dann fortsetzen lässt nachdem man ihn anspricht.
  14. Being in a clan with exp bonus
  15. Mond- und Seelensteine: SSP und PvP Heilige und Geweihte Kugeln: Dungeons ab Starstonemines aufwärts Weitere sehr zeitaufwändige, aber lohnende Methode: mehrere Alts erstellen und dort Dailys und Weeklies laufen.
  16. Ich habe bestimmt das ein oder andere vergessen, das Spiel ist erstmal recht überwältigend und nicht sonderlich selbsterklärend wie ich finde. Wenn du gut englisch kannst, auf Youtube gibts einige Channel mit passendem Content, inkl. Gearing-, Dungeon- und allerhand anderen Guides. Je mehr man über das Progressionsystem in BnS lernt, desto leichter der Einstieg ins Game. Man braucht auch eine Menge Geduld, denn besseres Gear kostet viel Gold und ist mit langem Grind verbunden. Hier ist noch ein aktueller Guide, den ich empfehlen kann, ziemlich umfangreich und alles Step by Step erklärt. h
  17. Nein, diese lassen sich nicht aufwerten, aber es sind dennoch sehr gute Items, die man bedenkenlos bis VT tragen kann und mit denen man auch in alle Dungeons reinkommt sofern das restliche Gear stimmt.
  18. Spiele die Story komplett bis zum Ende durch, selbst wenn du in der Mitte von Akt 8 Lv. 55 erreichst. Akt 9 hat eine Menge guter Belohnungen, z.B. die Stormbringer Soul, Pet & Heart und Mats für weitere Waffenupgrades. Deine Waffe sollte 6 Juwelenslots haben, ansonsten werte sie nicht weiter auf und kaufe dir stattdessen beim NPC in Jadestein oder Großernte die Waffenkisten für die dunkle Waffe für Naryusilber. So oft, bis du eine mit 6 Slots hast. Hast du alle Storyquests gemacht bis zum Ende von Akt 9, dann schließe die 3 orangenen Quests ab, die du unter J bei deinen Questbriefen annehm
  19. Hinterhergeworfen? Es geht wohl kaum um eine wahrhaftige Hongmoon/Aufsteigene Seele mit denen inzwischen jeder rumläuft, sondern um eine max. Dragon/Tiger Soul, die man nicht 'mal eben' neu nachbauen kann, wenn man die horrenden Kosten bedenkt. Würde mich auch interessieren, ob die Max Soul tradeable wird demnächst.
  20. Go to lobby, choose the dungeon you want to LFP, uncheck 'join in progress' (checkbox at the top right) -> problem solved. You won't be joining groups who have already started the dungeon.
  21. I have an alt with raven6, 1060 AP. I get kicked from 1.1k partys sometimes, because people don't even care to look at all my gear, which is VT badge + full set VT soulshield. they'd rather take someone with full octa gems, who has no badges but 1.1k Sad but true.
  22. I had this issue too a while ago. For whatever reason my game was no longer longer running with my nvidia graphics but with the intel chip instead. I don't know what caused that but after I fixed this the red aoe indicators were shown again. Maybe try to look up if your game is running with the wrong graphics chip.
  23. Hi, in lightning build you deal damage in stealth. your main damage comes from heartstab-lightning rend anicancel. Lightning is considered more difficult, as many bosses have mechs or aoes that knocks you out of stealth and mess up your rotation. In shadow build you want to be out of stealth most of the time. Your damage comes either from heartstab (shadow dragon) or heartstab-darkstrike (shadow tiger) while having 5 stacks of poison on the enemy. shadow is in general more easy to learn as a new player and less stressing in high level dungeons and raids. Though lightning build has ove
  24. Rein von der Lore ausgehend passt der Gunner gut ins Setting, die ersten NSCs, die man bekämpft an der Viridian-Coast sind Gunner. Soha, Leerok, Poharan sind Gunner, etc. Allerdings in die 6v6 Diskussion kann ich mich nicht einmischen, da ich kein Schlachtfeld mache. <.<
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