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  1. Alpine Accessories

    Must have been a long break haha. What server are you playing on my man? If you're on Jinsoyun you can add me ingame 'PUCKIE' I'll help you there.
  2. Buying Stuff From F10 and Not receiving it

    I'm not getting mine either.. also my applied code reward doesn't come up in game. I bought mine with NCOIN
  3. stuck between stage 1 and 2 (can't play)

    Maybe try to reïnstall the game. Might help :D
  4. Dps parse

    So I recently did a parse check on General Moyun and i was wondering If Im missing out on any dps or If i'm doing my rotation correctly. Let me know :D This is my gear: https://bnstree.com/character/eu/PUCKIE
  5. Dungeon Problem

    What dungeon are you trying to do? For dungeons like desolate tomb wait for them to become part of the daily challenge. You'll find a party then.
  6. seraph or baleful?

  7. New to the game! Help needed

    In the beginning there are not a lot of tips you need. Just follow the main story and side quests and enjoy the game. Once you're lvl 55 ( starts at act8 ) You can join daily challenges and weekly challenges. Those help a lot in the beginning. Before you get there I'd suggest you join a social or competitive clan. You can ask for tips and more! If you're playing on jinsoyun server in the EU you can join the clan that im in. Let me know.
  8. FPS Issues

    Well yes. You can always reïnstall it to by just rightclick and check for updates.
  9. FPS Issues

    Deleting the bluetooth driver before you start up the game worked for me.
  10. In urgent need of help!

    delete your bluetooth driver. Sounds weird I know, but trust me it works
  11. Terrible FPS & Long loading screens

    Delete your bluetooth driver. That works for me.
  12. PC to PS4

    I don't think picking a name would take hours. If people would use their PSN username it won't be a big problem. (note sure tho)
  13. earth build

    Yes, put 3 to petal storm toss. Its not that important before you do dungeons tbh but read the skill and read the untrainable skill 'super sunflower' and 'awakened sunflower'.
  14. earth build

    Also put your Q to 'taunt'. When you send your cat first with TAB and press Q the monsters will go for your cat while you kill them. This does last for only 10 seconds ( not sure )
  15. Badges for earth summoner

    For VT i think its Arasuna mystic badge and Undying soul badge Check BnSTree for badges and soul shields.