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    The 64 bit is not working with high fps for me aswel. Try the 32 bit. Also you can try a few fixes that are on the forums.
  2. Free Presets

    Oh no. EU.
  3. Free Presets

    I can't find that name. Maybe you can add me? It's either puck844 or PUCKIE
  4. Free Presets

    Whats your ingame name maybe we can play sometime :D
  5. Free Presets

    Do you play the game too? or do you just create characters :P
  6. Free Presets

    I like most of em. Do you draw them aswel?
  7. 2 New players looking for a Guild!

    Add me in game i recently started playing aswell .
  8. Could you be my dummy ? 8]

    Im planning on playing bns again so some practice would be good. Idk if we’re on the same servers or something i havent played for like 2 years. i believe that i was prestige 6 (not sure tho)
  9. Need help buying a laptop

    I was thinking about getting the I7-7700HQ 8gb ram and maybe put some more ram in the second slot. It also has the gtx1050TI aswell. Is that a better option?
  10. I started playing bns like 3 years ago but because of the long loading sceens and 10fps max in boss fights i stopped playing. I’m buying a new laptop soon and i need your advice. I want to play bns on it with a decent 60fps. This is what i wanted to buy: Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51-5048 Processor type: Intel core I5 Processor number: I5-7300HQ (4core) GHz: 2.5 (max 3.5ghz) memory: 8gb (max 32gb) Type intern memory: DDR4 (SODIMM) Nvidea GeForce gtx 1050 memory: 4096 MB SSD: 128 GB HDD: 1TB let me know if you guys need more information. thanks