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New Player Gear question


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Hi Forum,


Just came back to BNS from WoW, trying to get the gear out of the way.

Currently farming Daily and Weekly as well as Peaches on my daily routine, what's a better badge for Wind Summoner?

How do I get the Tiger Bracelet, I saw some video talked about I can buy it from Dragon Express but it's not here.

Should I get all 4 Legendary accessory from Basin since i have done 250 Draken Core quest already and farming Peaches up to 50k.

And Which Soul Shield is better for Wind Summoner?


Your help is much appreciated.


Thank you

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You should just wait until next Wednesday when they make the major changes (discounts) for the first set of legendary accessories.  The merchant is located in the middle of merchant square in Zaiwei.  Regardless of what class you play, the general progression for soul shield is MSP (the legendary set that you get from completing the story), then progress to Raven aka BT/Skybreak Spire, then to Fallen aka VT/Temple of Eluvium. 

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