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New Player stuck

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So hey everyone so im new at bns just finished the story so far i like it yet i have a problem with progressing 

i like the fact that i can gear up just by farming stuff like celestial basin and some doungons yet the fact that i have to pay 60 gold just to craft 1 empyrian spirit stone for the weapon evolve is just too stupid  the dailies doesn't give much gold .

how do u even make gold here other than dailies ?

 most of the drops i get are untradble and i cant sell the ones that are i already need them im okey with spending some cash into the game but seems like its a total pay2play game if u want to catch up. in game ppl are asking for 1k+ ap to do doungons "the easiest ones" i got refused by 2 clans to join coz i dont have vt gear or something i dont even know what a vt gear is.

i want some opinions  if this game is really p2w im out of here i dont want to spend infinit amount of cash in a game . 

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Gold can be obtained in a lot of ways. But there is non "magical" kind of way that gonna let you to catch up high gear players in metter of weeks or even months (excluding buying it with money ofc).


You can farm moonstones at battlegrounds. Tho it is very painful way, it is also very profitable as long as you have keys and some luck that will allow your team to win once in a while.

Since you are low geared you can not farm relevant dungeons and raids (where good money are), so this option is not for you.

Since you probably don't have a stash of HM or NC coins - you can not exploit good f10 daily propositions.

Since you probably don't have a few thousands of gold that you could invest - you can not play with prices at f5 market.

Since you probably don't have 5-9 alts - you can not exploit the events for profit and progression.

You can still find a nice clan that will take you for what you are and will help you grow, take you on raids and so on.  There are not many clans like this - but it is your task to find one for yourself. My clan is kind of one of those. And i've seen some newcomers, that didn't even have raven just 6-8 month ago, and now are on the level suitable for relevant content.


But either way - there no easy way to the top. You've hit the grind wall. And it is especially hard for newcomers.

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