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Draken cores and Heliion cores to exchange for breakthrough accessories?

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I have a destiny ring at around stage 8 from old days. It can be salvage into a red crux for cheaper upgrade on an Hellion accessory, so I'm going to get it is to stage 10, since the materials cost is still much cheaper than using a red crux.


The thing is that stage 9 requires an Oblivion Ring, which only drop in Desolate Tomb. It is a painful grind since the dungeon's dynamic quest no longer drop the chest that may drop the ring (yeah, another brilliant implement of NCSoft). and the ring only drops straight from the last boss, and the dungeon itself is really long.  If it is not a daily chalelnge quest, no one even bother to LFG or join it.


Same formula applies if you are seeking a particular drop for your legendary accessory's breakthroughs. Have fun grinding!


I think that since old players have abundant of Draken Cores and Hellion Cores. It would much be better to let players using Draken/Hellion Cores to exchange for breakthrough items in older dungeons. Or simply just element accessories for new players/alts

-Draken Cores: for accessories before Starstone Mines (Oblivion stuffs, elemental stuffs, etc)

-Hellion Cores: for accessories from Starstone Mines onward (Starstone Gloves, etc)

Even nicer, you can exchange Draken Cores for outfits from DT, EC after 10-run achievement. Or Hellion Cores for Hard Mode dungeon outfits after 10-run Hard Mode achievement.

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i would honestly say let the old players grind the same way as the new ones. Then again i always kept all those drops and am sitting on 12 oblivion rings and other old purple accessories.

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1 hour ago, Rogziel said:

Are the old legendary accessories, mostly neck and ring since they are replaceable, worth upgrading just for the red crux? I've left mine at stage 3 assuming they weren't.

Well....maybe for you it is not worth anymore but for him its a listtle step that will reduce the mats he needs for the bt accessory. Since you need if i remember good 1-3 Premium stones alone + other materials to breakthrough some of the other gear. So for him at little cost it will add up to a big saving. Now for someone to upgrade basically fromk stage 1 to stage 10 it might be cheapoer to just upgrade the new accessory without the crux.

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