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  1. Seems to be temp TT stuff and some middle grade gear. Wish I knew about this when I just came back. I wonder if you can make this permanent.
  2. So for those people who had max legendary accessories...and have to salvage now...do we just suck it up and lose the gems we contributed to maxing it out?
  3. I am a returning BD with Stage 4 Raven and 1100 AP looking for a fairly active clan to do some end game. I also have a friend who is a warden with A3 and 1150 Ap who wishes to join a clan as well. Anyone recruiting?
  4. So don't get me wrong I like this game but one of the things that drive me crazy is random crashes. Usually, it's only during raids...I've turned off other characters, don't run anything else, and even turned off the reactive skill warnings and yet occasionally I still crash. Even today I crashed during Realrift which I thought was odd because I've never crashed during a 6 man dungeon before. Can anyone make some suggestions on what I can do to eliminate crashing for this game? It's not a pc problem, I don't think...I have more than enough of a powerful computer to run this.
  5. Are the old legendary accessories, mostly neck and ring since they are replaceable, worth upgrading just for the red crux? I've left mine at stage 3 assuming they weren't.
  6. Right, the other achievements aren't really as tedious as Infinite Challenge. Took me a long time to get mine. XD
  7. So just to be clear. Bracelet and Belt are the old ones, the ones you get from trading Draken Cores. The rest is from BT?
  8. Infinite Challenge is an achievement, they aren't going to add it to the Zen bean trader. Not sure about the other one though.
  9. So I understand that the legendary accessories are easier to get now and that's great. I just got the necklace and I was wondering exactly which of them are worth upgrading as they cost 100g to upgrade just to stage 4? Is this to supplement their old cost on newer players since they are now free in dungeon? But really the question is...which accessories are worth upgrading now, if any? I'm assuming necklace, bracelet, and belt? Or is there something better? Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hey Guys, I'm pretty low on the totem poll in terms of upgrading weapon. I just came back from a break and am curious. I am at stage 3 right now which is the lowest you can use the event items. At what point do you think it would be worth it to actually use guildstones to trade in for the stuff to reduce cost? This goes on for a month so any input would be appreciated.
  11. Hello guys, I'm facing a very real dilemma. I am a relatively new player who is overall enjoying the game but have realized that "catching" up is nigh impossible at this point. So my concern right now is, can I realistically even get into end game as a relatively new character with little end game experience? I found a guild but it qualifies for little else other than social and is to small to rely on for end game. Is it worth it to try or am I just wasting my time?Keep in mind I don't really want to spend money on anything other than a subscription. Thanks for any input in advanc
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