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Extreme lag in Cross server since yesterday


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Lately I've noticed that sometimes in cross server the game lags a lot. IT may work perfectly on one dungeon in cross server, but extremely bad in the next one. Yesterday I was so laggy, that I was watching the whole fight of the boss like 3 minutes later than  it happened. For example, yesterday I was on discord talking with a friend on the same party than me in Sandstorm Temple Cross Server, and she told me we had wiped at 30% of boss HP, while I was seeing the boss with 90% HP and almost everyone standing without doing anything. The game took like 5 minutes to kick me out, and I couldn't even quit because it wasn't responding to anything.

Today it happened exactly the same again, I did 3 dungeons in Cross Server without a single problem, and on the 4th one, again the same problem than yesterady, my friends on discord telling me "you are sunflowering an empty room..." while I saw the whole room full of monsters. In the end, after 2 minutes trying to hit a boss without being able to do it, the game kicked me out.


It  seems to be a server-side problem, since my conection worked perfectly with discord and could browse without problems while the game was lagging like that.


¿Are you doing something to the servers lately? Maybe the link between character and dungeon servers is not working properly or something like that?


Btw, this is happening to me in Jinsoyun server, in Europe, and happened to a couple of friends too in the last 2 to 3 days.

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I've been having problems with excessive lag since last week.  The routing paths keep changing for me, but at present the router causing the lag is ncsoft-ic-307707-dls-b21.c.telia.net [] (Reverse IP lookup places that router in EU, but that has to be a mistake or outdated). This router is introducing 25ms of lag in my connection, which goes away if I connect through a vpn in dallas.


I say the paths keep changing because I've ran traces since last week - some of them have bogged down in the xo network, some in level3, now it's an NCSoft router. The landscape is changing; so far it's been for the worse, but maybe things will get better in the long run. All I can say for certain is that I'm 330 miles away from Dallas and should not have latency so bad that the game is largely unplayable.


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I'm having also this very same issue here. Jinsoyun too.


It's very random and the game not always kicks me, sometimes is more like:

 what I suspect is the very same problem.


I don't know exactly when this became like this, but it was sometime around this summer.


This is happening to many friends of me randomly, with different ISPs. My connection is FTTH 600Mb symmetrical, and that can't be the problem.


This is also happening to me in F12 too, so complex encounter mechanics and many people can't also be the problem.


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Still happening to me too. Its extremely random, it works perfectly (I have around 90-120ms usually), then you change to a new zone, or enter a new instance, and you may have 500+ms and the game becomes unplayable. Sometimes leaving and reentering the zone fixes it, sometimes you have to go to character select and enter again, etc.


It happens to many raid and clan members too in Jinsoyun server, so it's very annoying and time compsuming when you have to wait for a raid member to go to character select and reenter just because of the terrible lag.


It's sad that after so many months the problem still is there and there's no news about it.

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Can not go to the ... (F12 cross-server, <chat time>) 








I waited a few minutes for you to see the chat as well. But I did not get into the dungeon.

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