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Ebondrake citadel


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Ok am I the only one confused as to why when I do the party protect seed shroud and still have time on the protection and everyone in my party still get a ton damage . It’s as if I didn’t even cast the skill. I always have at least 3 seconds left when the attack that lifts everyone into the air hits down 

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Party protection has quite a short duration (1 second to proc), so it could be due to your ping or some sort of delay in the game that makes it so that the game doesn't register the iFrame on your fellow party members.

Imo, Summoner's party protection is pretty horrible compared to other player's party protections.

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Well, thanks ludicium ^^ it is worse, as in other player have to do something in citadel to get protected ^^


Back to topic, it is not working, because you are using it at the totally wrong moment. You are using the timing of the fm frost, where you kinda cheese the mechanic and protect from the air lifting. In this dungeon, stealth has to be used way earlier, but it is harder as well.


First to the timing: you wanna stealth the little yellow aoe the mark (farthest person away) get, that normally knocks everyone back. Then everybody but the mark stays in stealth, so they musn't attack. This way he is not pinning anyone down, when the stealth runs out he tries to lift you up, but as he couldn't complete the first part of the mechanic, no one is getting lifted up and no one gets damage.


To see when excactly he will cast the yellow circle, I found it helpfull to look at him from the top, as he first holds out his hand straight, but then moves it. It takes some time to know when to start with your first 4, but generally, if you start with the party protect 4, you should already see the yellow circle.


Now the bad news... your teammates have to do 2 things for this to work. First come together when he starts that phase, as sum party protect is only activated if you are hit with something. Second, stop damage for that time.


I haven't been there in random runs for a while, but that never really worked since the 55 update (or a bit before with the damage buff), because people are standing everywhere, and even if you manage to stealth them without chasing after the mark (oh fun times when the mark is activly trying to kill everyone), most just braindead dps all the same, blaming you after they died in the aoe... 


So if it didn't get better (and you don't have a fm/des in group, bm can do it too but I hardly saw any doing it), get the mark and go to the tank (maybe tell beforehand that you will stealth and he should do nothing then). That way at least you two live and you can pick others up after that.

Other than that the dungeon is really my most hated dungeon (well used to be), because no one is doing what they are supposed to and you have about no chance to fix their mistakes. 

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