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Simple mode: Lightning assassin rotation


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This might or might not be a bug. Maybe I just miss something important, but...


I'm just testing the Lightning assassin rotation in simple mode and it seems that the Logning Rod's cd is not reduced by 6 seconds even if I'm hitting an enemy with 5 poison stacks.

The simple "rotation" was: 4 (Choke Bomb) - [ 4 (Lightning Rod) - Rmb (Heart Stab) - F (Lightning Pierce) ]


- Without simple mode (I mean manually doing the rotation), the Lightning Rod's cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds after using Lightning Pierce

- With simple mode, I've double checked the combat log and it does the same rotation (4-rmb-f) but the cooldown is only decreased by 3 seconds instead of the 6 seconds.


Any ideas? Is this a bug or a feature? :)



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I think simple mode is not for people that already know how to play their class but for new players and people that try out new class to get the idea of the rotation, something like extra 2 wheels for the bike to balance it before you can balance it yourself.

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True, but the skills should function the same. I can see the 3 sec remaining cd after an F.

All that the simple mode should do is to press the buttons instead of you. So I'm confused why the Lightning Rod is not recuded by 6 seconds.

I think I'll try to make a video about that.

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