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  1. My assumption is you used Bulletstorm only while Soulburn and apparently its bugged and deals less dmg than without. Try to use it with bb only and it should be higher.
  2. Gear wise you are good to go - my GS has raven 9 + eon badge + bt ring and kills Hong in ~4 min in avgerage, while enrage is after 7 min so I have plenty of time left. I havent tried the wall hugging method mentoined above, here is how I kill her: I SS or E the first charge, then walk in area where explosions appeared last time - they never appear twice in exactly same spot, unless you are too close to center and they overlap.
  3. New players in BNS

    Just wait. The market is oversaturated with gold, because people did a lot of dailies / weeklies on alts that caused a running inflation (honestly I was afk for a few months and all prices increased by 30%-50%). By drastic reduction in players gold income everything is going to be much cheaper... in some time - until then I'd advise against doing any major purchase and just saving your gold. Alternatively you can make some alts and do weeklies on them its a great source of materials and gold.
  4. Simple mode: Lightning assassin rotation

    Same situation with Pulse Badge and Time Bomb - it doesnt reduce LR cd by 6s
  5. Hey, I've come back after a break. I have awakened yeti ring on one of alts and want to get it to max in order to get 30 leg jewels, but I cant seem to find Alpine Rings. There are very few alpine accessories in f5 and no ring - can it be dropped somewhere?
  6. Chat Problems

    You need to get this information on the forum of ping reduction program you use, not here. Its most likely correct port setting in most programs like that, for example WTFast.