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PVP oriented class

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Haven't played for a while in bns (about 1.5 years).

Looking for a pvp oriented class - 1 vs 1, battleground, open world(maybe it will rise again). Any suggestions? 

Let's take average skill and gear.

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Seeing as no one has responded to your post, I figured I'd might try and give you somewhat of a satisfactory answer. Bear in mind, that by no means am I a PvP-expert, however, I do have some experience in that field.
The rankings I'm about to give are purely opinionated so, keep that in mind (ranking from best to worst - for 1v1):


1. Gunslinger.
2. Kung-Fu Master.

3. Force Master.

4. Assassin.

5. Summoner (Wind).

6. Warlock.

7. Blade Dancer.

8. Blade Master

9. Destroyer.

10. Soul Fighter.


Feel free to post a follow-up if you have any further questions and I am sure other players will try to help you out. 

Bear in mind that PvP is still extremely ping-reliant. 


Welcome back.

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Here my two silvers:


With 1v1 and 3v3, gear does not matter, so your choice should be influenced by what playstyle you like and how much effort you want to put into learning.

Since you did not mention what style you like, but mention "average skill", I would advice against SF, SIN, BM and KFM as those give poor return unless you put in a lot of practice. Good choices for PvP starters seem to be BD, DES, SUM, WL, GUN. A lot of people seem to have trouble getting into FM, so maybe keep your hands off that one too.

With 6v6, class choices matter a lot more, but still less than gear. But check the average scores of the top 100 players for each class in F11, and you will find that some classes have it a lot easier in battlegrounds. 100>0 aerials or 200k damage mine-toss come to mind here. Korea is planning to address the class inequality in BGs, but that could take many months to arrive here. :/


Also "average gear" in 6v6 means bottom tier, no illusions. You will be instantly killed without at least Beluge 9-set or Novacore 5-set soulshields and a decent pet and belt. You need at least Ascendant 3 or a high end PvE weapon to kill anything, but to be actually competitive it should be dawnforge weapon and VT badge.
Oh and HM level 16 is highly recommended, for debuff resist + iframe heal + 20 into offense.


Currently, KFM is having a very hard time in 6v6 without VT badge, also some BDs seem to struggle. SF seem to be good if their gear is up to the task. Gunner are major weight at the moment but for that same reason get focused a lot. Often see WL and FM being very successful, also some summoners,  BMs and Destros. Sins are successful if the player is skilled, as usual.


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