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Hongmoon Brilliant Key


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The area-specific brilliant keys seemed to have been replaced by this "Hongmoon Brilliant Key," but weapon boxes can still only be opened by the area-specific keys (if I wanted to obtain a class-specific weapon). Can anyone explain:

1. How to use the HM Brilliant Keys?

2. How to open weapon boxes to obtain class-specific weapons?

3. Are area-specific brilliant keys actually still around, but super hard to farm???

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The only area that is lacking Hongmoon [area] Brilliant key is Moonwater if I am not mistaken. You can still very much find and purchase Hongmoon Viridian and Cinderland Brilliant keys in your Dragon Express tab for 1 Naryu coin and 3 Naryu coins respectively.


1. HM Brilliant keys are only obtainable through select loot boxes, the HM Store (F10) or through events like Daily Dash. As for how you use them, you will only be able to use them on boxes which says something like "requires x keys" and "requires brilliant key". If it has a zone attached to the "brilliant key", you will need to use that type of key instead (ie. if it says "requires Viridian Brilliant Key", you will need to use a Viridian version of it)


2. That is dependent on the box itself, boxes from different zones will require different types of Hongmoon Brilliant Keys, ranging from Viridian, to Cinderlands, to Moonwater, etc.

Read the box itself, and grab yourself the specific type of key needed.


3. Yes, they are still around, as stated in the above, you can purchase the Viridian and Cinderland Brilliant Keys from your Dragon Express (hit "i" - there should be an icon at the bottom of your inventory), Moonwater Brilliant keys are currently unobtainable in game (because the devs messed it up).

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Thank you for the answers! I have not seen the keys in a while and thought they were phased out, but lo and behold, the Viridian and Cinderland ones are indeed sold in Dragon Express.

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