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Which is CURRENTLY better to play, windows 7 or windows 10?

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It really depends on individual experience it seems.  The x64 client (win10) works quite well for some but gives severe headaches to others.  While the x86 client (win7) is slow and stuttery to others but is the only thing they can run because x64 doesn't work for them.  A lot seems to depend on your equipment as well.  Integrated video seems to be a source of many problems along with XignCode not liking many programs.  And then things like win10 build 1803 pop up.  All things considered, I'd personally recommend going with win 10 since that has been running relatively stable for me without large stutter (disabled event tracking) and 60 fps for most of the game except populated areas whereas x86 was very unstable and I was getting dc'ed constantly during raids because of excessive stutter.

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x64 works great for me on Win10 and I have an integrated graphics chip.  XignCode does not cause any problems for me.  The only lag issues I had were related to a bug with quest tracking where you get noticeable lag if you are tracking too many quests at once.  That was easy to fix.

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