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Returning Summoner Player


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Hello, I am an old player as what you can see on my joined date placed on my avatar. I have an issue with my focus recovery to sustain my animation cancel/damage when before, this was not a problem to me. There has been a lot of changes since I came back and I am still trying to catch-up with the new end-game contents introduced in the game. To do this, I need to know how I will be able to dps mobs/boss without having a hard time on recovering focus. My combo is the usual routine that most Summoners do which is 1>2>F(briar patch)>F(Doom n' Bloom)>RMB(Sunflower Photosynthesis)>rinse and repeat but I still find myself running out of focus and in effect renders my class inefficient in dps. Am I doing it wrong or is there something I need to know which has not been introduced to me yet?


My gears/stats:

  • Attack Power - 1025
  • HP - 106K
  • Accuracy - 120%
  • Crit Rate - 50%
  • SS - 8 MSP
  • Weapon - Stage 10 Baleful
  • Badge - Still farming for it
  • Accessories - 2 destiny (others old e.g. true python, yeti, etc.)
  • Gems - 6 gems bought with 4 gem powders each
  • Others 


What do I need to focus on? Anyone willing to enlighten me? Would appreciate it. :HajoonCheer:



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Hm, that's weird, with earth summoner, you shouldn't have any focus issues (only wind summoners tends to experience focus issues), however, with your rotation, you need to use LMB with RMB. You can't just hold down RMB due to..well, obvious reasons. Using your current rotation try: 1 > 2 > F > F > RMB > LMB > RMB > LMB > etc./whatever is off CD.

If you still find yourself lacking in focus after that, try using RMB > LMB x2 or, simply spec your cat to Focus Regen (Crouching tiger) for fights where you don't need a tank.

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