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  1. Greetings! Hello, I am an old player as what you can see on my joined date placed on my avatar. I have an issue with my focus recovery to sustain my animation cancel/damage when before, this was not a problem to me. There has been a lot of changes since I came back and I am still trying to catch-up with the new end-game contents introduced in the game. To do this, I need to know how I will be able to dps mobs/boss without having a hard time on recovering focus. My combo is the usual routine that most Summoners do which is 1>2>F(briar patch)>F(Doom n' Bloom)>RMB(Sunflowe
  2. Considering the fact that they have merged servers and I myself still having to spend minutes to get a full group to do daily heroic dungeons is apparent that this game is losing a lot of players perhaps on a daily basis.
  3. So if he upgrade his gear, would it help? You talk as if upgrading gear in just as easy as counting 1 to 10. Have you also considered that it's actually zergfest in there? you're stupid.
  4. The very first time I saw BnS preview, I was like "Wow this is going to be an awesome game". Plays it and it turned out to be a stupid game, with a shitty community full of shitty people. Aion was way better in terms of over all content and the PvP was way more fun than this piece of shit MMO.
  5. I've seen a DES who soloed yeti successfully but has to spent 2 dragonbloods to do it. It's not because of the DPS but the amount of iframe he needs especially with yeti's last phase.
  6. This thread is a major proof of how bad and stupid this community is. No wonder why the whole server population has declined drastically with only a few months since its release in NA.
  7. IGN : Almuranazz Class : Destroyer Level: 50 HM4 AP 429
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