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When are we getting....


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The 2.21 KR Patch changes that they got back on February 21, 2018?


The following destroyer changes were listed:




Focus cost decreased to 50 from 100
Increased skill speed




Can be used while moving


 Mighty Cleave

Deals damage over 8 > 4 sec
Can be used while moving


 Stone Shield Move 1

Cooldown of  Iron Plating when using  Stone Shield (Move 1) increased to 30 sec
Cooldown of  Stone Shield (Move 1) decreased to 12 sec from 24 sec
Reduces the cooldown of 24060 Stone Shield by 1 sec on block
Heals the user 10 > 5% of their health over 4 sec



(User has 100% reduced Defense while Fury is active)   < No longer has 100% reduced Defense while Fury is active.


Would be nice if we got them in the upcoming may 2nd patch.

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