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  1. I have no desire to start my character over again in the classic version of the game that sounds horrible. I would be surprised if anyone left who has invested time in their character would invest long term in classic bns. This isn't like classic wow which came out 15 years ago. Not to mention classic wow was to many a much better version than retail so it warrants playing it. It still is a pitfall though with no future progression. If they don't upgrade the core engine of the actual game to unreal engine 4 that would be a massive fail. They also really need to fix the optimization of the game and the servers in the west. The game has been in a consistent decline because they keep treating us like 5th class citizens. It's a Shame we don't get to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played, as it is played in the east.
  2. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    I have no desire to start my character over again in the classic version of the game that sounds horrible. If they don't upgrade the core engine of the actual game to unreal engine 4 that would be a massive fail. They also really need to fix the optimization of the game and the servers in the west. The game has been in a consistent decline because they keep treating us like 5th class citizens. It's a Shame we don't get to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played, as it is played in the east.
  3. How are you making 600-900g a day ???
  4. What does that have to do with anything. If they were smart the would monetize it after the fact and place it on the store for $$.
  5. I am so sad I missed this event. I think the armor/weapon look amazing. Why don't they want to take my money ! I would instantly buy both!.
  6. Awakened Destroyer PvP Combo Guide by Niisam

    Great video keep up the good work. I just wish I had better ping to enjoy PvP more I get so many delays makes it more annoying trying to do these combos/tech chases/ escapes etcz
  7. Cleave should hit multiple targets

    +1 I fully agree with you. Makes no sense for cleave to be single target... it’s name is “CLEAVE” ...
  8. Someone please explain....

    What does that have to do with anything? Your argument fails on all levels. They not only reduced gold/material gain from low level dungeons they also did them to the HIGH level dungeons. I now get less material/gold for doing IF up to RT then I did prior to the patch. The change is also punishing to new players and alts. It is already hard enough for new players and alts to catch up in this game which makes new players and people who want to play alts quit. This change just magnifies the problems and will result in less new players sticking to the game which hurts the overall health of the game. The game is already far less popular than it could be for how good the game actually is. It is a shame that they make these changes that have a negative impact on retaining and acquiring new players to keep the game healthy. If they are after the bottom line than they could simply modify the reward structure of premium to give people more incentive to buy it. I buy premium not only for the in-game gain but also to support the game. They should try and increase in game subscriptions then screw everyone over to simply try and increase in-game transactions. This change makes someone like myself who supports the game with real $$ to no longer want to support a company that is actively screwing me out of stupidity and sheer greed.
  9. Someone please explain....

    Why after coming back from the game after quitting 1 week before the patch... excited about all the balance changes to classes... TO ALL OF A SUDDEN coming back to a game where there is reduced gold income from dungeons and reduced material gain due to no material chests or even rng gold chests from higher dungeons anymore?? I mean in what world do these changes make any sense??? If anything we need our material and gold income INCREASED... not decreased.... This is a legit slap to the face. I mean this game is already teetering on the brink of obscurity which is a shame as its my favorite mmo I have ever played (I have played them ALL since 2002) I can easily see a negative response and the playerbase bleeding as a result of this nonsensical change. Someone really needs to explain how such a change can be warranted or justified??? All the reasons I have read so far are laughable at best and a slap to the face in reality. If you guys care about retaining your player-base and and acquiring new ones for the long term you don't spit in their faces by reducing resource generation in a game where its already nigh impossible to catch up or play alts without consistent real $$ transactions. You guys are indirectly trying to bolster in game transactions in the short term at the expense of the long term longevity of the game. This will be a losing equation for everyone and is not a long term sustainable solution.
  10. When are we getting....

    The 2.21 KR Patch changes that they got back on February 21, 2018? The following destroyer changes were listed: Execute Focus cost decreased to 50 from 100 Increased skill speed Cleave Can be used while moving Mighty Cleave Deals damage over 8 > 4 sec Can be used while moving Stone Shield Move 1 Cooldown of Iron Plating when using Stone Shield (Move 1) increased to 30 sec Cooldown of Stone Shield (Move 1) decreased to 12 sec from 24 sec Reduces the cooldown of 24060 Stone Shield by 1 sec on block Heals the user 10 > 5% of their health over 4 sec Fury (User has 100% reduced Defense while Fury is active) < No longer has 100% reduced Defense while Fury is active. Would be nice if we got them in the upcoming may 2nd patch.
  11. They received those patch changes back on February 21, 2018. They are now up to 4.17 which they got April 17, 2018. There are some HUGE class balancing changes within those respective patch notes. Can we expect to see any of these class balance changes in the upcoming May 2nd patch?
  12. Where can I improve?

    Decided to do another test. Wasn't a 100% perfect attempt as I messed up a bit at some points but I am still at the 1.025 mark. I guess the only way to maintain a 1.3-1.4 ratio is to have a 100% perfect rotation and never drop out of draw stance other then to cast blade call. I am sure ping played a part as well which kind of sucks cause that is out of my control. I will try again some time to see what I can get in a perfect run. My parses are also relatively longer so there is more room for error. I did get the ring from BT which is nice as it helps with focus regen.
  13. Where can I improve?

    The following is a link of a General Moyun Parse: I have Raven 6, Oath 3, Eternity 3, Divine 10, the elemental ring/neck from DT/NS. 5 lightning SS/ 3 Starblade SS. Soul stage 7, Pet stage 6. Skyrift Mystic badge. I feel like I should maybe be doing 100k+ sustained damage with my gear? Not sure if I am messing up my rotation, I only was able to do ~88k damage. (Also I have no desire to ever play fire I know it is stronger right now.)
  14. Where can I improve?

    Ok, thanks for the info and help. I normally have anywhere from 115-200 ping as I live in Canada. On Average I would say 130-160 ping is what I am normally at, tends to get worse during peek hours. That was my first parse attempt I will try again during that attempt there were some small lapses in my dps. Also there are times with bad RNG where I am not able to maintain draw stance due to not generating enough focus. I also have to play sub optimally sometimes and overlap fulmination buff to stay in draw stance. I was not aware of the 1.4 rmb/s target point. I will try again and see if I can get closer to that point.
  15. Where is ....

    Our damage is "fine", however assuming other classes have: 1) Equal Gear 2) Good ping 3) Proper rotation There are classes that have the ability to potentially do upwards of 100k more damage than us. That is a pretty significant variance on parses of 500-600k sustained damage. I also play lightning which is even worse off then fire. Lightning is lower mid tier and fire is mid tier damage. Overall they could try and reduce the variance between all classes where in some cases the difference between the top and worse class can be upwards of 200k damage (i.e., 400k vs 600k potential damage). That is a pretty HUGE variance. Ideally if all classes were within 5-10% variance that would be a lot better. As it stands now the variance can approach almost 40% in some cases. That is extremely poor balancing by any standard.
  16. Where is ....

    Blademaster's damage?? Why do we do significantly less damage then equally geared players. I get that we can tank but there really isn't a traditional trinity in this game. There is a pretty huge variance and discrepancy between the top dps classes and blade masters. Would be nice if they balanced our damage accordingly and made it more competitive.
  17. Lightning Blade Master

    Lightning is the way! Just wait till we get the latest KR buffs!
  18. Where are the lightning changes ?

    Ok hopefully we get them in 5-6 weeks that would be sweet. As long as we eventuallly get them that would be nice.
  19. Looking at the latest patch notes 3.21 from Korea: Those are some amazing changes for lightning will we also be getting those changes ? Just got back to the game after a long break not sure if we get the same patches as Korea does. I really hope we do. Hopefully we get those changes cause I play lightning and love it. It would be nice to do more comparable damage to other classes at the higher gear levels.
  20. Destroyer damage the truth...

    Is that it needs to be buffed to be comparable to other classes. Yes I know at max gear destroyer can do good damage but equivalent gear we are still on the low end compared to other classses. I mean my 600 AP BM is critting for just as much as my 800 AP destroyer something feels really off with that. My destroyer is relatively new just got back into the game but my BM already feels stronger with 1% of the gear that my destroyer has. Like I have Baleful 8 , full legendary SS, Legendary Pet , level 6 soul on my destroyer. I only have Awakened Ivorymoon stage 10 and quest accessories, quest SS on my BM and when I have conflagration effect and I can spam RMB I am critting for the same as my destroyer and doing insane AoE damage all while being MOBILE and not grounded like my destroyer which has to animation cancel since he is Earth (not trying to get into a shadow vs earth debate, I play earth cause I like it more). You would think a class that can't tank and that has to actually animation cancel to do damage (vs spamming RMB and LMB when RMB is down) would be on the higher spectrum of damage...... I really would like to know the rationale behind destroyers at equal gear levels to other classes doing relatively less damage?????
  21. Destroyer damage the truth...

    No cause to be honest your parses on these boss dummies are an intangible and a "minuscule" sample size. At the highest level gear equal skill in the current NA meta if you compare average statistical parses over 10s of thousands you will see that destroyer is in fact lower then many other classes. Also I really like how you changed specs in the second test of your blade dancer to skew a random parse to try and strengthen your point of view. I mean if your stance is that destroyer is not actually lower damage than other classes that is fine. However you are doing a really poor job trying to support your point of view and are deflecting from the topic via subtle attacks and glaring bias in your posts. Also I am strictly debating relative damage numbers between classes damage is only over-tuned when you actually have higher levels of gear not everyone is at that point. Its also indirectly admitting the fact that there are distinct variances between the classes (upwards of 10-12%) which I consider a big variance, where you might consider that acceptable. Just cause once you reach a certain threshold of gear and can brute force content easily doesn't justify the disparity to begin with. If you feel that the disparity is justified and not an issue more power to you however I have a completely differing viewpoint and so far all you have managed to do was prove the point I have portrayed in this thread by indicating and showing that the disparity actually exists. So for that I thank you.
  22. Destroyer damage the truth...

    Not sure I entirely agree that a 5k difference on a 40k parse (ie you are talking about 10-12% difference at that range) on a class that has LESS gear as being "minuscule" (considering the gap would be even bigger assuming equal gear). I personally would consider that a huge outlier in terms of competitive play and an actual tuning problem. Though that probably stems from playing in top 20 world guilds in other mmos where a 10-12% disparity between damage classes would actually be considered a balancing/tuning issue. This whole notion also becomes problematic when you decide to introduce a damage meter to the game. Doing so means you need to ensure that classes with equal gear/skill are actually competitively balanced with each other. I mean I can easily play shadow as it is far easier to play and currently in terms of raw damage output it technically is a bit better. However I personally do not find the rotation as fun, the reason I play destroyer is cause of the visceral feeling of carnage you get by animation cancelling your enemies and pulverizing them into dust. I do not enjoy the sweeping the floor play style of simply maintaining willpower buff via Q and Execute and then simply using RMB and use F / galeforce to get resource back. So yes technically you can say I am limiting my self however it has nothing to do with learning how to use both because I have tried shadow and didn't enjoy it so I chose to stick to Earth (which down the road will be better again anyways). Also I never complained about the damage between Earth and Shadow I mean in an ideal world they would both be within a small variance of each other. The issue I presented was the fact that Destroyer in comparison to OTHER classes right now is statistically under-performing strictly from a damage number perspective. Ideally once again all classes should be within a small variance of each other in terms of damage output considering equal gear/skill.
  23. Destroyer damage the truth...

    Notice how your destroyer in those pictures has the most/best gear yet still did less damage then the SF and BD who had considerably less ap and gear (read that again destroyer had BETTER GEAR yet still did less damage). I also guarantee equal gear the sin would of done maybe even more then the BD. Your BM equal gear also should do more damage and the summoner did more damage. So basically everything you showed is outperforming destroyer right now which is a big problem. The fact that your BD did 5k more damage with worse gear is a balancing issue that needs to get addressed ASAP. Also in your test for destroyer you used shadow which is far easier to play and far more forgiving to play because it doesn't require animation canceling and allows you to dps while moving. Shadow right now at the highest gear level is a bit better then earth in the current NA meta, however I enjoy Earth so I play it. In future patches when we catch up to Korea, Earth becomes significantly better again anyways. So you should also do a test with Earth destroyer right now in your comparison. Also note that Earth Destroyer suffers the most with any movement in a fight so it gets hit harder in real boss settings vs parses that you are able to maximize in the training room. Really all your post did was give evidence to my point that right now Destroyer is under-tuned in terms of damage. In no way is it ok for a class with higher gear to be outdpsed by another class with lower gear... that is poor design by definition, its basically unjustified on any level. Especially when you consider that Blade Dancer and Destroyer are basically the same role yet one is clearly ahead of the other and needs to be balanced. A spec that revolves around animation cancelling and being rooted in placed to perform damage should if anything have higher single target damage in a patchwerk (WoW reference) type fight where no movement is involved to compensate for being penalized harder then other classes when there is movement in fights which is basically the majority of content.
  24. Baleful or Seraph

    So the real question is this, given the fact that Riftwalk only gets better with the VT items that were posted above which we do not have access too currently. Would it make more sense to currently go Raven and then down the road switch or work towards building a new weapon all together and then going down the rift path? Or are we getting access to this content soon where it would make more sense at this point to just go Rift from now? I know shadow is better right now but I have no desire to play it... I prefer the animation cancel play-style that earth brings so trying to figure out what would be the best thing to do right now as an Earth destroyer. Right now I more or less have the mats to go from either seraph/baleful 1 to directly riftwalk or raven 1 and am wondering what would be the best bet at this point.
  25. The irony in that statement is gold :). Sorry no offense, I just found that part amusing.