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I`m sin and i would like to learn the "dark path of the sins".


Can u please link an updated video ( i can`t find a proper one with badges and bracers )...or if there is any pro sin around here can u explain my your rotation and what BUFF do u receive / use ?

or at least PM me please so we can talk more ?





AP : 1031

SS : all BT+crit

Weapon :Raven stage 3

BT : both ring and neck lvl3

Bracellet : TIger lvl6

Belt : Eternity lvl 5

Holy fire and Revelation badges

Soul lvl 8

Pet aura 1

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there are still many suggesting dragon bracelet, that is right....


for a video:


I think this one explains it rather good.


So you kinda keep everything but badges, which you switch to skyrift and the glory/alluvion. plus element change in bt accessoiries of course. That is of course, if you really want to change... if you just wanna give it a try, just go ahead and test a bit with the stuff you have right now. The impression will not be super perfect, but you get an idea.

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burst shadow sin is dragon bracelet, revelation mystic badge and holy fire soul badge.

but now since we have the glory badge that gives 20% crit dmg on use of our 3(Venom Slash) and also resets cd of 4(Choke Bomb/Poison Breath).
dps shadow sin is tiger bracelet, skyrift mystic badge and glory soulbadge.

your starting rotation would be something like this
4+rmb+f+rmb+f+rmb+f+rmbf++rmb+f for 10 seconds then press 3 to reset cd of your 4 and again rmb+f for 10 seconds.
you can still do dps with out glory badge by using the rotation to give you 5x stack of poison and focus

3(Venom Slash +2 poison stacks)
Tab(Hook Kick +1 Poison stack and Stealth on Poisoned target)
X(Shadow Dagger +1 Poison Stack procced in stealth only)
2(Time Bomb After 7 seconds it refreshes your Poison Stacks)
4(Lighntign Rod +Focus and gets you out of stealth)

then you can do rmb+f rotation and repeat the same thing over to maintain your poison stacks when your Poison Breath/Choke Bomb is on cool down.

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