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Where can I improve?


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The following is a link of a General Moyun Parse:



I have Raven 6, Oath 3, Eternity 3, Divine 10, the elemental ring/neck from DT/NS. 5 lightning SS/ 3 Starblade SS. Soul stage 7, Pet stage 6. Skyrift Mystic badge. 


I feel like I should maybe be doing 100k+ sustained damage with my gear? Not sure if I am messing up my rotation, I only was able to do ~88k damage.


(Also I have no desire to ever play fire I know it is stronger right now.)





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You might be limited by ping. You got ~1.02 RMB/s while the ideal would be closer to 1.4rmb/s.


Getting the BT Earring (and evolving it to stage 4+) will increase your crit rate and probably get you 100k+.

Also, try to get Eternity soul badge while you don't have vt badge/fused soul badge, that will help you maintain fulmination.


Whenever you need to use Z or V (Whirling Scourge), you can just hold the button while anicancelling, no need to stop.


Awakened Ascending Soul should help you get more damage and even less focus issues too.


Lastly, join Academy's discord if you need more help with BM in general (useful info on pins too): https://discord.gg/gPAUExd

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Ok, thanks for the info and help. I normally have anywhere from 115-200 ping as I live in Canada. On Average I would say 130-160 ping is what I am normally at, tends to get worse during peek hours. 


That was my first parse attempt I will try again during that attempt there were some small lapses in my dps. Also there are times with bad RNG where I am not able to maintain draw stance due to not generating enough focus. I also have to play sub optimally sometimes and overlap fulmination buff to stay in draw stance. 


I was not aware of the 1.4 rmb/s target point. I will try again and see if I can get closer to that point. 

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Not sure if you already use any vpn but try Mudfish, Pingzapper or NoPing for example. I believe all 3 have trials, maybe it helps stabilize the ping.


And yea the focus issues at the start are a bit annoying to deal with, but it gets better later on.


Example of 1.4rmb/s (not me): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/328672816042082304/426827206484819968/unknown.png


I play with 200ms ingame, so at most I can get 1.0 to 1.05... that makes some difference in dps.


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Decided to do another test. Wasn't a 100% perfect attempt as I messed up a bit at some points but I am still at the 1.025 mark. I guess the only way to maintain a 1.3-1.4 ratio is to have a 100% perfect rotation and never drop out of draw stance other then to cast blade call. I am sure ping played a part as well which kind of sucks cause that is out of my control. I will try again some time to see what I can get in a perfect run. My parses are also relatively longer so there is more room for error. I did get the ring from BT which is nice as it helps with focus regen. 



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