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Changes for Faction


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1. Make the channels no more than 12 people.
2. Allow 12 minutes to switch to another faction channel.
3. Increase the damage of the bosses in grab and individual damage, this would prevent the whales from taking all the points of the boss and the others are watching as it takes everything.
4. Remove the penetration and defense of divinity badge and aransu badge something essential since people have macro the ability of vt badge and can kill with a single button.
5. Distribute the scoring system among the members who are participating in the massacre or kill a boss to kill the other faction.

If anyone has another suggestion feel free to comment.

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Nothing all of above,yet the bosses HP needs to be increased . Also I would suggest that the channels would be distributed based on GS.This would be fair for everyone ,giving access to new ones to the zone,because this game says is free for all.So yes for the sake of fairness,don;t let this zone ( assuming is about SSP) to be STILL under control of same group.Otherwise ,we still think ,WHY is allowed to be like this.

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