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gunslinger, arena, bug? exploit? wtf?

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I think the poster meant 1v1 arena.


Gunslinger is quite unlike other classes in PvP in that it focuses on kiting and strong damage, with somewhat weak defenses.  Similar to how you need to adjust your skill set and play style to fight an assassin in stealth, you have to adapt to that mobility and find ways to catch and lock down the gunner.


That said, gunner is new and balance vs gunner the least optimized. Sins and BDs seem to do well against gunner, KFM seems like an even match up to me. Other classes, maybe at a disadvantage. But you can still defeat a bad gunner easily, if you have some arena experience.

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as a gold gunslinger, i admit that SF is easily my worst matchup. They have more dashes so they can keep up. The good SF's know they can punish the animation delay after a whip, I can get punished, from range, if i stay in the air too long. They have a really good counter so i cant spam damage at them and an excellent block break, so i have to cancel by block animations if they dont bite. On top of all this i have to constantly play around the fact that they can 100-0 me if i blow a tab escape. 


its 3/7 for me and super fast paced.


Im glad there arent too many sfs in gold :p



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